PPTV 网络电视

April 26, 2015 - Software
PPTV 网络电视

PPLive is another P2p streaming video network that allows streaming video, including TV channel to be much more smooth. Another program similar to PPStream. PPLive is a peer-to-peer streaming video network created in the People’s Republic of China. It is part of a new generation of P2P applictions, that combine P2P and IPTV.

PPLive is a free shareware, and it integrates the most advanced peer-to-peer technology so it can provide the users with the smoothest TV programs with no interceptions. Just like in P2P technology, all PPLive users becomes a broadcaster when themselves are also a receiver, thus reducing the cost of traditional streaming. That indirectly also mean that the more users online, the faster the programs can be loaded.


  1. Provide smooth and stable TV programs. Apply the advanced P2P technology to automatically adjust to the changing network architecture. Any nodes leaving will not affect the performance of PPLive.
  2. Low requirements for your computer system and low CPU utilization.
  3. Stream data is buffering in the memory, not on the hard disk. So no need worrying about your hard disk.
  4. PPLive can download stream data from different connection nodes and can automatically find the nearest nodes for downloading stream data.
  5. Support various stream data: mms, asf.

Installation of PPLive

Installation of PPLive is straight forward. Just download the PPLive installation program from PPLive website, and then start the installation program. Follow the on-screen instruction, and you will be able to get it up and running in no time.

Using PPLive

As with any other P2P software, copyright issues are always exists in usage of PPLive, as most of its channels and contents are from cable or satellite TV. Much of the content is Mandarin, Cantonese, or Korean_language. Some of the more notable channels usually available include CCTV, Phoenix Television, live soccer matches and Hong Kong movie channels. Beside, the quality of media is in doubt, as users experience frequent disconnection and distortion.

PPTV网络电视是PPLive旗下产品,一款全球安装量最大的P2P网络电视软件,支持对海量高清影视内容的“直播+点播”功能。可在线观看“电影、电 视剧、动漫、综艺、体育直播、游戏竞技、财经资讯”等丰富视频娱乐节目。P2P传输,越多人看越流畅、完全免费,是广受网友推崇的上网装机必备软件。

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