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April 10, 2013 - Software
PPStream (PPS) is developed and designed independently in 2005. And after nearly three years of continuous innovation and development, it has become the largest supplier of P2P video live technology and the largest P2P video platform in the world.


In beginning of 2008, established a co-operation relationship with CCTV to carry out network live broadcast for the 2008 Spring Festival Gala, given that there is a large quantity of overseas users amongPPS .tv(PPStream) users. According to statistics, in Europe alone the users accounted for 13%. A MIT’s student indicated that as he knows, in America, Chinese students all watch the homeland’s moviesand TV programs by Obviously, is making a successful use of the P2P Streaming media technology to broadcast video programs to the whole world.

PPS网络视频是全球第一家集P2P直播点播于一身的网络电视软件。PPS网络视频能够在线收看电影、电视剧、体育直播、游戏竞技、动漫、综艺、新闻、财经资讯…… 播放流畅、完全免费,PPS网络电视是网民喜爱的装机必备软件。

去除官方捆绑的所有无用软件;去除 pps 加速器;普通会员可看vip视频,降低上传流量;
屏蔽所有广告及后台的下载广告;添加还原新版去除的 3 个音效文件 (可选安装);
屏蔽迷你首页,屏蔽自动更新 (避免广告反弹);尝试解决官方原版的 hosts 误报;
降低上传流量;自动隐藏资讯导航 (可选安装,此模式下如下操作可恢复资讯导航:视图 –> 窗口合体)
添加缓存提取工具 ppsave 1.0 版,可提取 ppsds.pgf 中的视频。

Remark: This is the best chinese player for online movies. Uploaded by request.

19 July 2012 – Fixed to play more TVBS movie and extra…

9 April 2013 – Fixed cannot found server issue.

(Cracked Silent Repacked  No Ads, Plays VIP)

PPStream PPStream.exe
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8 thoughts on “PPStream (PPS)


about im using window 7 after install when i run the pps it pop up please install new version then n close self edy


disable UAC 1st… i always disable UAC


what is this -.-? how to disable it?


it show please install new version and is this version have the ppsave working ? able to open the ppsds.pgf and download ?


PPSAVE Doesnt work


Looks like hong kong drama hacks is not working anymore. If anyone have tips please share. CHINA users can watch well.


A big parts of the shows still can’t be watch. Solution anyone?


no idea,i watch in

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