RecentX 2.016

November 13, 2009 - Software
RecentX 2.016

RecentX is a 1-click super-fast way of accessing your widespread documents, deep folders, cluttered programs & large Internet browsing history/bookmarks (favorites).

RecentX saves enormous time, removes frustration and stress caused due to trivial & repeated computer activity for which we have not done anything yet.

RecentX is highly innovative because this program provides many new ways of working with files & folders on Windows.

We developed this software because like you, even we were annoyedwith the tedious and hierarchical way of accessing recent documents, recent folders, recent files, recent programs,  websites & bookmarks (favorites) in Windows.

The interesting part is that RecentX automatically tracks the documents, directories, programs and websites that you use.

(Cracked Silent Repack)

RecentX RecentX.exe
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