WinXP Version Changer

February 23, 2010 - Software
WinXP Version Changer

Windows XP SP2 is consider expired and not supported by microsoft anymore as their office 2010 gonna require WinXP SP3 at least to run the newest office, GTA4 game is also require SP3 as well. Program such as Chinese Star is still needed by most of the user and WinXP SP3 is not working with it.

So i have made some little utility to change the XP Service Pack version on the fly. Just run the service pack version you want and restart. The WinXP version will change. 🙂

Have Fun!

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4 thoughts on “WinXP Version Changer


Why the Xp-Version unable to download it , even have been register as user.

Look forward to get any respond here.



Hey cyberloner, thank you so much for everything you post on this great website, been trying to get you more users coming in, hope this website get as big as possible and be kept under the radar, were just checking some of the stuff i havent paid attention before, and this is one of them, what does exactly this does, or more specifically, what does changing the SP version to, why not, Service Pack 8 does?? Am I just complicating myself and its just so the program runs believing you have the correct sp? Thanks again in advance, if its a dumb question, just smile… hahaha


Some program or games checking winxp spX version before letting you run the program such as microsoft office 2010, patch the version to higher version may let u to run the program even you are still sp2. Some program is not running on Sp3, so if you want to stick to sp2 and run future program, this is a very nice little stuff that allow you to change the version to any higher service pack version.

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