Site Abuse
Looks like there are people hotlinkingto the site files. I erase all software to gain back the site at the moment. There are a lot of broken links at the [...]
Site Hosting
I just make payment to the site hosting, please support CyberMania as you always do and please don’t abuse the site. Site was heavy load till the [...]
Happy Chinese New Year 2012 新春快乐
祝你, 一帆风顺,二龙腾飞,三羊开泰,四季平安,五福临门, 六六大顺,七星高照,八方来财,九九同心,十全十美。
CyberMania New Theme
Do you guys like the new theme on CyberMania? Share your opinion.  🙂 Theme was updated be cause the old one having problem with comment and buggy. So i [...]
Steve Jobs Best Speech
Rest in peace Mr Apple. Stay hungry stay foolish.
Fixed Download Problem
Sorry for problem for a while. Site download problem is fixed. Please don’t simply paste the download links on any other forum or where else. Site [...]
Continue same hosting for yearly
Site hosting payment have been paid for yearly about 45 USD. Since the hosting is causing no trouble for year, i choose to continue using it and save my [...]
Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐 2011
Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese brother and sister. Best wishes for all of you! 兔年新年贺词 2011新年贺卡搞笑祝福语
Domain & Hosting
I just updated the payment for  domain Site doesn’t receive any donation since june 2010. Just hope to receive any good donation to [...]
Reduce game network latency in Windows 7 or Vista
After installing Windows 7 I noticed a slight increase in network latency in several online games. It wasn’t a big deal – I’m talking 200-300ms, but this [...]
Crap Streamyx
Bernama reported that Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) had warned there is a cable fault on the SMW4 submarine cable network between Alexandria in Egypt and [...]
Facebook hit by password stealing virus
Anti-virus company McAfee is reporting that Facebook has become the target of a virus which steals passwords and other sensitive information from the [...]
Facebook Easter Egg
各位按「上, 上, 下, 下, 左, 右, 左, 右, b, a, Enter, 再按滑鼠左鍵」, 你的Facebook網頁會有光圈出現! Click [ up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,enter,the click left click at mouse [...]
Do Not Press F1 If Requested To Do So By A Website
Microsoft is investigating a vulnerability in VBscript that occurs when a user presses “F1”. The vulnerability makes use of an interaction [...]
Google Public DNS (Faster Surf + Unlock Website + Security)
Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.