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December 5, 2013 - CyberMania
Site news

It have been a bad year for CyberMania. I receive 0 donation in 2013. I pay my own pocket money for this site as well. In return just some $ earn from the ad. Please support the ad if you are always visiting CyberMania else this site will be close in future.

I won’t maintain this site for 30 days be cause going to travel.  Thanks for keep coming back.

By the way. Happy new year 2014 and Merry Christmas to all CyberMania around the world.

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Sorry that everyone are dicks. I just did 50, though 🙂


thanks bro… lol


I did 25 cyberloner


donated 5.04, sorry for the odd amount, that’s all left in my paypal account 🙂
thanks for your great work


thanks guy ^^


thanks bro… lol

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