DataNumen Data Recovery 1.0

November 11, 2011 - Software
DataNumen Data Recovery 1.0

DataNumen Data Recovery (DDR) is the best tool to recover lost and deleted files and folders on your drives. It uses advanced technologies to scan and find the lost and deleted files and folders, and then recover all of them so to get back your most important data.

Main Features in DataNumen Data Recovery v1.0

– Support to all formats of drives.

– Support to recover files lost due to reformat of the drive, corruption of the drive or any other reasons.

– Support to recover deleted files.

– Support to recover streams associated with the lost and deleted files.

– Support to scan raw disk data exhaustively and search for lost and deleted files of more than 70 known types, by using an internal expert
system with extensive knowledge about the characteristics and structures of the file type specifications.

– Support to recover deleted files from recycle bin.

– Support to recover lost and deleted folders and the whole folder hierarchy recursively.

– Support Unicode file names and folder names.

– Support to rename files and folders automatically when duplicate exists.

– Use a simple wizard interface to instruct you go through the recovery process easily and efficiently.

– Support to filter and sort the lost and deleted files and folders according to various criteria.

(Full Version Portable Repack)

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