DisplayFusion Pro 9.7.1

December 29, 2020 - Software
DisplayFusion Pro 9.7.1

DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr Integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things that DisplayFusion can do.


DisplayFusion works with these versions of Windows:

v9.7.1 :: 28th Dec, 2020

  • Change: Website wallpaper now allows local URLs (e.g. file://c:/page.html)
  • Change: Added a warning to the Edit Hotkey dialog if no modifiers are selected
  • Change: Increased taskbar shortcut limit from 200 to 500
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: Remote Control: Security Code Override (for GPO settings)
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: Image Info Offset
  • Change: New Advanced Setting: Disable Desktop Refresh on Monitor Profile Load
  • Fix: Improvements to tray popups (volume, battery, network) on multi-DPI systems (calendar still has issues)
  • Fix: Improvements to moving windows on multi-DPI setups
  • Fix: Firefox no longer slow to move to next/previous monitor when maximized
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer needs to reload if work area needs to be reset
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with the “Treat Top-Tab Browser Windows as Standard Windows” advanced setting
  • Fix: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements
  • Fix: SuperBird browser no longer moves when middle-clicking to close a tab
  • Fix: Firefox no longer has a gap on the right side if you have left padding enabled in Monitor Config
  • Fix: Tray icon hidden area no longer has gap between taskbar
  • Fix: Mouse wrapping should no longer intermittently wrap to wrong monitor edge
  • Fix: DisplayFusion Photos Screen Saver now works again
  • Fix: Crash reporting no longer causes DisplayFusion startup issue on some systems/li>
  • Fix: Monitor selector TitleBar Button no longer closes on its own
  • Fix: Outlook no longer un-hides from tray when applying DisplayFusion Settings
  • Fix: Splits no longer re-enable when manually removing them
  • Fix: Explorer.exe should no longer crash when moving Microsoft Edge (Windows bug, worked around by not removing Edge from the Windows taskbar when it’s moved to another monitor)
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer stays on top of full screen Chrome/Chromium-base browsers
  • Fix: Thinkorswim main window now gets TitleBar Buttons
  • Fix: Windows should be less jumpy when moving between monitors with different scaling levels
  • Fix: Trigger rules now ignore DisplayFusion taskbars and a few other DisplayFusion window types
  • Fix: Delphi 7 now shows up in Alt+Tab Handler and DisplayFusion taskbar
  • Fix: Alt+Tab Handler and taskbar no longer show a separate entry for every Edge tab
  • Fix: Added support for .arw image files as wallpaper images
  • Fix: Chrome windows that are maximized to splits no longer restore when applying DisplayFusion Settings
  • Fix: Resolved a Window Position Profile issue with restoring certain windows
  • Fix: Resolved an issue moving some windows with Functions and Triggers
  • Fix: Window no longer ignores splits when maximizing via Trigger rule if Shift key is held
  • Fix: Digital Blasphemy wallpaper provider login now works again
  • Fix: Resolved monitor configuration error 87 for some cloning setups, and setups where only splits are applied
  • Fix: Scripted Functions with dialog boxes that are run via TitleBar Button no longer lose focus
  • Fix: Monitor Profiles no longer slow to load if only changing splits
  • Fix: Maximized windows on a split monitor no longer extend off the bottom or sides of the monitor
  • Fix: Edge Chromium top-tabs support for TitleBar Buttons is improved
  • Fix: Window Position Profile saving for minimized windows is improved
  • Fix: iTunes no longer hangs with DisplayFusion functions
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented some monitors from being detected
  • Fix: Microsoft Teams compatibility fix
  • Fix: Monitor Config issues resolved (error 1610 and others)
  • Fix: Taskbar height now correctly detected
  • Fix: Window Position Profiles are now loaded more quickly
  • Fix: Window Position Profile compatibility fixes


Remark: I just use an old fx8350 with 27″ monitor. This is for multi monitor user. Update disable. Thanks for moszter sharing. Keygen

3 December 2020 – Use original installer with reg.

(Registered Silent Install Repack) x86 x64


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