K-Lite Codec Pack 15.9.9

January 26, 2021 - Software
K-Lite Codec Pack 15.9.9

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs, DirectShow filters and tools. Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and video formats.

General strong points:

Unique features compared to other codec packs:

  • The pack implements special blacklists for some of its included DirectShow filters. These blacklists are used to avoid compatibility issues with certain applications and games. Helpdesks and other support staff often recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack because of its abilities to fix problems and its features to ensure optimal compatibility.

Advantages of the pack compared to installing codecs manually:

  • The best available codecs are already selected for you by codec experts. There is no need to figure out what you need.
  • Installation is simpler, quicker, and more organized.
  • It is much easier to keep all your codecs up-to-date. There no need to keep track of updates to individual components.
  • Components are automatically configured to work together in perfect harmony. Something that is not easily achieved if you would install everything manually. Certainly not if you use a mix of different splitters and decoders.
  • Better default settings.
  • More configuration options during installation. This is particularly useful for unattended installs.
  • The pack provides extended video thumbnail generation functionality for Windows Explorer. All popular video file formats are supported.
  • Adds support for showing file properties such as duration and width/height in Windows Explorer for FLV and MKV video files.
  • The pack automatically configures Windows Media Player and Media Center to recognize all common audio and video file formats, so that such files show up in your media library. Normally this would require all kinds of manual Registry tweaks.
  • The pack includes very useful tools for managing and configuring the installed codecs.

K-Lite Codec Pack Features:


DirectShow video decoding filters:

DirectShow audio decoding filters:

DirectShow source filters:

DirectShow subtitle filters:

Other filters:


Shell extensions:

K-Lite Codec Pack 15.9.9 Standard ~ 41.9 MB ~ January 25th 2021



LAV Filters 0.75.0 – 2020/xx/xx
LAV Splitter
– Changed: Improved Font support from Matroska files
– Fixed: Large queue size limits could result in the wrong limit being applied
– Fixed: Resolved a memory leak in Matroska demuxing
– Fixed: Avoid selecting a stream with only a single video frame in MP4 files, which is often a cover art
– Fixed: Seeking in Matroska files with only audio cue points did not function

LAV Video
– Faster: Updated dav1d decoder and improved thread configuration for significantly improved AV1 decoding speed
– Fixed: Added a workaround for VP9 hardware decoding on AMD video cards.

LAV Audio
– Fixed: Resolved an issue with glitching TrueHD bitstreaming on seamless-branching titles


Fixed getting the displayed frame when outputting RGB 10-bit.

Fixed display of BGRA64 format.
Added support for BGR48 format.
Added correction after incorrect (unsupported) conversion from YCbCr BT.2020 to RGB after DXVA2 and D3D11 VP.
Fixed playback of some protected DVD-Videos.
Improved “Auto display HDR On/Off” option.
Fixed converting color space using shaders.
Various additions and fixes in statistics.


MPC Changes from 1.9.7 to 1.9.8:


  • Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-92-g88da5
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to 20.09


  • Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted
  • Added support for using Ctrl/Alt/Shift modifiers for mouse actions
  • Added new default mouse action for seeking through video: Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  • You can customize hotkeys and mouse actions here: Options > Player > Keys
  • Improved parsing of (local) M3U playlist files
  • Streaming HLS M3U playlists are handled directly by LAV Splitter
  • Added new menu entry for changing playback speed: Menu > Play > Playback rate
  • Subtitle search on OpenSubtitles now also searches by file name if no match was found for file hash
  • Improved DVD region code bypass
  • “Launch files in fullscreen” option now only engages fullscreen for video files
  • Improved display of URLs in titlebar
  • Very long entries in recent file list are now shortened for better menu display
  • Added advanced options for displaying the current audio and subtitle language in statusbar
  • Improved support for external WebVTT subtitles


  • Fixed DVD playback speed and menu issues with internal audio renderer
  • Fixed issue where file could still be in use after closing it
  • Fixed subtitle search on Podnapisi for Portuguese Brazil language (language code “pob”)
  • Fixed rare issue with subtitle queue that could cause flickering/blinking subtitles
  • Fixed potential crash when taking screenshots with subtitles included
  • Fixed issue where clicking on seekbar could trigger two identical seek actions
  • A few other small fixes and improvements

Remark: Dark theme MPC enable by default and using external codec. Installer auto select 32Bit MPC for 32Bit Windows and 64Bit MPC for 64Bit Windows. Using MPC video renderer. Hardware encoding DXVA enable for all video type.  Enjoy~!

MPC can easily find subtitle by press D button.

06 June 2020 – Change from Mega to Standard edition. Many old codec is not in use anymore. Many Encoding software comes with own codec as well. Internal audio rendering selected (author recommended).

21 January 2021 – Enable seekbar preview mode…

(Silent Install) x86 x64




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Thanks. any advice for mkv files. subtitle is not showing. thanks


    some mkv comes with subtitle (pack inside mkv) or your video comes with a subtitle file. ( rename video file name same as subtitle file name). if you want it search for subtitle you need enable inside mpc program. tick automatic search and download subtitle at option\ subtitle \ misc

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