K-Lite Codec Pack 16.3.5

July 21, 2021 - Software
K-Lite Codec Pack 16.3.5

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs, DirectShow filters and tools. Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and video formats.

General strong points:

Unique features compared to other codec packs:

  • The pack implements special blacklists for some of its included DirectShow filters. These blacklists are used to avoid compatibility issues with certain applications and games. Helpdesks and other support staff often recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack because of its abilities to fix problems and its features to ensure optimal compatibility.

Advantages of the pack compared to installing codecs manually:

  • The best available codecs are already selected for you by codec experts. There is no need to figure out what you need.
  • Installation is simpler, quicker, and more organized.
  • It is much easier to keep all your codecs up-to-date. There no need to keep track of updates to individual components.
  • Components are automatically configured to work together in perfect harmony. Something that is not easily achieved if you would install everything manually. Certainly not if you use a mix of different splitters and decoders.
  • Better default settings.
  • More configuration options during installation. This is particularly useful for unattended installs.
  • The pack provides extended video thumbnail generation functionality for Windows Explorer. All popular video file formats are supported.
  • Adds support for showing file properties such as duration and width/height in Windows Explorer for FLV and MKV video files.
  • The pack automatically configures Windows Media Player and Media Center to recognize all common audio and video file formats, so that such files show up in your media library. Normally this would require all kinds of manual Registry tweaks.
  • The pack includes very useful tools for managing and configuring the installed codecs.



DirectShow video decoding filters:

DirectShow audio decoding filters:

DirectShow source filters:

DirectShow audio parsers:

DirectShow subtitle filters:

Other filters:


Shell extensions:


Version 16.3.5 Full ~ 47.4 MB ~ July 20th 2021




0.75.0 – 2021/03/30

LAV Splitter

  • NEW: Support for DASH streaming
  • NEW: WebVTT support in Matroska/WebM
  • Changed: Improved Font support from Matroska files
  • Fixed: Large queue size limits could result in the wrong limit being applied
  • Fixed: Resolved a memory leak in Matroska demuxing
  • Fixed: Avoid selecting a stream with only a single video frame in MP4 files, which is often a cover art
  • Fixed: Seeking in Matroska files with only audio cue points did not function
  • Fixed: Seeking to the beginning of certain HLS streams did not work properly
  • Fixed: Duration information in Matroska files is more reliable

LAV Video

  • NEW: AV1 DXVA2/D3D11 hardware decoding support
  • NEW: ProRes 4444 XQ support
  • Faster: Updated dav1d decoder and improved thread configuration for significantly improved AV1 decoding speed
  • Fixed: Added a workaround for VP9 hardware decoding on AMD video cards
  • Fixed: H.264 streams exceeding the Level 5.1 DPB limit will no longer be hardware decoded
  • Fixed: Improved handling of missing reference frames in H.264 streams with hardware decoding
  • Fixed: HEVC streams encoding 8-bit video in a Main10 profile can be properly hardware decoded
  • Deprecated: NVIDIA CUVID and Intel QuickSync have been deprecated for future removal/replacement

LAV Audio

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with glitching TrueHD bitstreaming on seamless-branching titles
  • Fixed: Resolved a compatibility issue with some playback applications
  • Deprecated: Support for the binary DTS decoder (dtsdecoderdll.dll) has been deprecated for future removal


Fixed dithering when outputting 10-bit for DX11 mode.

Improved compatibility with CoreAVC Video Decoder.

Fixed frame rotation when using DXVA2 or D3D11 VP.

Optimization of processing when using only DXVA2 or D3D11 VP.

Added a check for the ability to create an input surface for DXVA2 VP. This fixes the Y410 format issue on Intel graphics.

Fixed work of the last post-resize shader in DX11 mode when dithering is active.

Improved copying speed from DXVA2 decoder surface to D3D11 texture for Intel integrated graphics.

Fixed display of the settings window when opened from the command line (rundll32.exe).

Improved stability in DX11 mode.

Fixed flickering of subtitles in DX11 mode in some situations.

Improved compatibility with PotPlayer.

Added GetBool(“doubleRate”) command to get information about doubling frames. This is possible when deinterlacing is used.

Fixed work of the debug version on systems without Windows SDK.

Fixed crashes when working with some external filters.

Added experimental option “Wait for V-Blank before Present”.


Changes from 1.9.13 to 1.9.14:


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1


  • Some optimizations in the filter graph builder. Should give a small reduction in file loading time in some situations.
  • Added a small safezone above and below the seekbar where (accidental) mouse clicks/drags are ignored.
  • Improved backwards framestep for DVDs. It now seeks back ~500ms to ensure it shows a different frame. The DVD Navigator unfortunately does not offer better accuracy.
  • Improved region code handling for DVDs
  • Added support for loading external fonts for SSA/ASS subtitles. The player check for “fonts” subfolder in location of video file.


  • Fixed regression that broke loading of audio dub through command line parameter

Remark: Dark theme MPC enable by default and using external codec. Installer auto select 32Bit MPC for 32Bit Windows and 64Bit MPC for 64Bit Windows. Hardware encoding DXVA enable for all video type.  Enjoy~!

MPC can easily find subtitle by press D button and Magic B button pause and minimize player (You know)

21 January 2021 – Enable seekbar preview mode…

10 February 2021 – Using MADVR video renderer. Found out to be the best quality video output. Change from Mega to Full edition. Many old codec is not in use anymore. Many Encoding software comes with own codec as well. Internal audio rendering selected (author recommended).

16 February 2021 – Change F11 to button F for full screen. So it same as youtube and other application.


(Silent Install Repack) x86 x64





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Thanks. any advice for mkv files. subtitle is not showing. thanks


    some mkv comes with subtitle (pack inside mkv) or your video comes with a subtitle file. ( rename video file name same as subtitle file name). if you want it search for subtitle you need enable inside mpc program. tick automatic search and download subtitle at option\ subtitle \ misc

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