PassMark MemTest86 Pro 9.0

February 13, 2021 - Software
PassMark MemTest86 Pro 9.0

MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.

Main Features

The latest version of MemTest86 supports all the current technologies, including

Version 9.0 10/Feb/2021

  • New Features
    • Support UEFI-based ARM systems (arm64/aarch64), including memory test algorithms ported to ARM64 and optimized using hand-written assembly code. Special thanks to Simula eX¬≥ project ( for providing high-end ARM64 systems for testing.
    • Added BADRAM & badmemorylist formatted strings and instructions in the exported HTML report to mask defective memory addresses (Pro only)
    • Revamped RAM SPD screen in the Main Menu with graphical view of all RAM slots
    • Added preliminary support for DIMM temperature reporting (when supported by DIMM)
    • Added option to change save location of logs/reports to another disk volume (file system)
    • Added prompt on various exit options (shutdown, reboot, exit to BIOS) on application exit.
    • Added keyboard shortcut (F12) to save screenshot to file within the Main Menu
    • Support for saving test results to a byte-packed, binary file for storage-limited systems
    • Support for passing configuration parameters via command line arguments
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘EXACTSPDSIZE’, to specify the total capacity of all detected SPD to match before allowing tests to begin
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘MEMREMMB’, for specifying the minimum amount of memory to leave unallocated during testing
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘MINMEMRANGEMB’, for specifying the minimum size of memory ranges that shall be allocated for testing
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘AUTOREPORTFMT’, for specifying report format of auto-saved reports
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘PMPDISABLE’, to disable TFTP uploading of XML messages for Management Console integration
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘RTCSYNC’, to sync real-time clock with PXE server (via a periodically updated ‘CurrentTime.txt’ served by the PXE server)
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘VERBOSITY’, for specifying the verbosity level of the debug output
    • Added new config file parameter, ‘TPL’, to specify the UEFI task priority level of the MemTest86 application
  • Fixes/Enhancements
    • Support for per-baseboard configuration file via baseboard-prefixed filename (eg. “Surface Pro-mt86.cfg”)
    • Optimized/removed stale 32-bit code in memory tests
    • Improved test coverage by alternating between ascending/descending assignment order of CPU cores between passes when running in parallel mode
    • Track CPU core/thread ID of detected memory errors, and include the list of CPUs in error in test summary/report
    • Added tracking and reporting of min/max/average CPU + DIMM temperatures (when supported by DIMM)
    • Added SMBIOS memory device info to reports
    • Modified DRAM address ECC error reporting from (Column,Row,Rank,Bank) -> (Channel,Slot,Rank,Bank,Row,Column)
    • Added serial number of DIMM module experiencing ECC errors in report (supported chipsets only)
    • Added channel/slot information of detected SPDs in report (supported chipsets only)
    • Fixed 100% CPU usage when waiting for input in main menu
    • Improved UI drawing performance for better responsiveness
    • Generate beeps of Piezo Speaker on test end (if available)
    • Changed to large, coloured PASS/FAIL message box on test end
    • Changed to large, coloured FAIL message box on failed pre-test SPD checks
    • Fixed Test 12 errors in HTML report being truncated
    • Updated blacklist to work around new UEFI bugs Apple added to their UEFI firmware
    • Updated blacklist to work around Microsoft/Huawei laptops with display issues related to screen resolution
    • Fixed crash on VirtualBox due to reading of non-existent MSRs
    • Include system information details in TestResult XML messages to PXE Server (Site Edition)
    • Display error when there is a TFTP transfer error when sending Status XML messages to PXE server (Site Edition)
    • Fixed escaping of chars to XML entities when generating messages to PXE Server (Site Edition)
    • Output additional lines to console during MemTest86 boot
    • Fixed detection of uncorrected ECC errors for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC detection for > 2 channels for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC support for multiple CPU dies for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC error detection on AMD Ryzen chipsets with multiple CPUs
    • Added preliminary support for AMD Ryzen ECC reporting via error count registers when PFEH is enabled
    • Fixed ECC detection for Intel chipsets that use error count registers
    • Added ECC support for different Intel Coffee Lake chipset variants
    • Added disabling of SMI for Intel Kaby Lake chipsets to allow ECC errors to be detected
    • Added ECC support for Intel Comet Lake chipsets
    • Added preliminary support for decoding of system address to socket/channel/rank/bank/row/column address on Broadwell-DE. This information is logged in the log file.
    • Fixed incorrect reporting of ECC capabilities for chipsets with multiple IMCs
    • Added support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Gemini Lake chipsets
    • Added preliminary support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Ice Lake chipsets
    • Fixed potential unstable behaviour when increasing the target multiplier for Intel Silvermont chipsets
    • Fixed enabling turbo mode on Intel Silvermont chipsets
    • Updated temperature offsets for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Added preliminary support for reading AMD Ryzen 5000 (Family 19h) chipset temperatures
    • Updated EDK2 library to edk2-stable202008
    • Fixed memory leak when exiting program
    • Revised Portuguese translations
    • Updated unifont.bin file with higher weight Russian glyphs
    • Removed PassMark contact information from reports

Remark: Thanks to ZinnPL sharing…..

(Pro Retail)


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