Blackr: OLED Screen Off 7.9 [Premium] [Mod Extra] (Android)

November 4, 2023 - Android
Blackr: OLED Screen Off 7.9 [Premium] [Mod Extra] (Android)

Blackr simulates a locked screen like state over any app, and does not stop them from running. Like watching a video on YouTube or recording a video for a long time, so many use cases!

Simple and smart design makes it very easy and convenient to use. It works best with OLED, AMOLED and similar screens that switch off any pixel displaying true black.

Can also be used as a black screen app, always on display (AOD) or simulated lock screen depending on your use case.

Contains NO ADS and minimal permissions. Not even internet is requested. Designed with absolute user privacy in mind and minimum battery usage.

– Keeps app running and screen essentially off.
– Run app using notification or floating icon.
– Supports quick tiles in notification bar.
– Highly customizable design.
– Shows date, time, and battery (optional).
– Motion clock to prevent burn in.
– Clock can also be disabled for pure black screen.
– Disable device from sleeping (optional).
– Small app size and extremely efficient app design.


– QUICK LAUNCH allows you to launch chosen apps with a simple tap or press. Making it convenient to use your favourite app with ease.

– RGB LIGHTING which fades through different hues. You have to see it to believe how amazing it looks. Gives the clock a relaxing aesthetic.

– SYMMETRICAL CLOCK ensures the clock is moving only along the vertical axis for perfect symmetry yet avoiding any chances of burn in. Helps prolong the life of you screen.

Best way to use the app is, add a blackr button in the quick tile settings in device status bar. It works seamlessly any time!

Please note – Since Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, navigation and status bar can only be partially hidden due to OS security reasons. But if an app is full-screen it will work just fine.

Runs great on devices like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Note, OnePlus and more.

It works by showing a black overlay on top of the screen and on modern AMOLED or OLED displays this turns off all pixels, effectively turning the display off.

Also can be used to reduce any burn in on screens, as we change the lit pixels every minute, it acts as a good screen reset in some cases (as reported by users). Can also be used like an Always on Display (AOD).

Technically it is an overlay and your phone is not sleeping while this is on. So power reduction is mostly from less or no screen usage, and helpful to prevent screen burn in.

This app can be used in many scenarios like recording long videos, watching YouTube, Netflix, Prime video, etc. with screen off or streaming videos while listening to music only.

Also is quite useful in keeping screen on/off manually rather than using the lock button.

What’s New:
7th Anniversary Edition Update:
• New “Quick Launch” Apps feature.
• Bare minimum app permissions.
• Improved darker user interface.
• Much faster load times.
• Support for latest Android version.
• Reinstall app if facing any issues.
• Optimisations for overall performance.

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