Calendar Widget Month + Agenda 1.35.1 [Unlocked] [Mod Extra] (Android)

June 1, 2023 - Android
Calendar Widget Month + Agenda 1.35.1 [Unlocked] [Mod Extra] (Android)

This is a simple calendar widget where the month view and today’s agenda are combined together. It gives you a good overview of your events at hand in your home screen.


ALSO NOTE: It is NOT a calendar app. It’s only a widget. To make it work you should add it on your home screen (like on the screenshots).

• Synced with Google calendars
• Shows markers for dates with events
• Shows today’s agenda
• Shows week numbers (optional)
• Opens default calendar app by taping on date
• Beautiful and clean design
• Looks similar to HTC Calendar Widget (from HTC Sense)


What’s New:
• Show birthdays and other events from your device’s contact list ????
Before that widget was able to show contact birthdays only if they were imported to Calendar. Now it reads them directly from your device’s contact list. The feature is disabled by default, please enable it in the widget settings. Also don’t forget to disable birthdays calendar to avoid duplicates. Available on Android 6 and up.

• Fixed widget corner rounding for Android 12 and up
• Other minor bug fixes

Mod Info:

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