Daily Yoga Workout+Meditation 1.2.5 [Pro] (Android)

September 19, 2022 - Android
Daily Yoga Workout+Meditation 1.2.5 [Pro] (Android)

Yoga Workout Plan is a complete guide of yoga for beginners. Practice beginner yoga asanas and learn yoga at home in 30 days. Yoga exercises contain all basic yoga asanas and yoga poses with detailed instructions that help you: Stay fit

Yoga for everyone
Designed by professional yoga and fitness trainers this daily Yoga training app helps you learn yoga for beginners and practice yoga daily at home without any equipment. Yoga is perfect for women & men and mind & body. It makes them look younger feel better and fit.

Yoga exercises can help your mind & body to:
Overcome depression
Remove skin wrinkles
Fatigue and most importantly stay healthy!

Daily yoga workouts and meditation will make you feel stronger healthier improve energy and control weight. Yoga Workout Exercises contains a daily Yoga fitness workout plan for 30 days. We have beginner yoga workouts explicitly designed for beginners. You can also create your yoga workout plan by adding your favorite yoga poses/asanas.

Features of Yoga Workout Exercises – Learn Yoga for Beginners
– Practice yoga asanas and poses with detailed step by step instruction & guide
– Soothing background music while you meditate for a relaxing mind & body
– Learn and practice yoga daily at home without equipment
– Yoga for weight loss
– Know yoga benefits yoga poses postures asanas & more with a detailed free yoga guide
– Yoga for everyone no need for the internet! Practice yoga poses even when you don’t have a WIFI or internet connection
– Set reminders for your yoga classes and never miss your daily yoga workouts
– The best yoga workout exercises and yoga tutorials suitable for both males and females of all ages
– Our mission is to provide free yoga for everyone – a Free Yoga training app for beginners. Train your mind & body with daily yoga fitness exercises.

Yoga for Weight Loss Track Weight Loss and Burned Calories: Keep a record of your weight and calories burnt and see for yourself how much you achieved! Yoga poses that burn fat tone the body and diet help you lose weight quickly and healthily. Yoga for weight loss combines muscle gain and adjustment of bodybuilding index exceptionally effectively.

Yoga for Beginners: Learn and practice yoga at home to improve your physical and mental health (both mind & body). Practice yoga workout exercises daily that are perfect for your body and requirements or create your own yoga exercise workout plans by selecting your favorite yoga poses. Practicing yoga daily is also great spiritual therapy helping the mind & body to relax sleep well overcome depression and Anxiety.

Download Yoga Workout – Daily Yoga & Meditation app for beginners today! Learn yoga poses and practice at home with custom exercises that will take you from a beginner to a pro with daily yoga workout plans for better health.

Disclaimer: This daily yoga & meditation application is a source of information and provides no medical advice. It should not be used by individuals with physical disabilities or pregnant women. It’s recommended to consult a doctor and get professional advice to make sure that you can perform this activity.

Start using Daily Yoga Workout & Meditation app and feel all the benefits it provides for your mind & body!

What’s New:
–> Minor Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

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