YouTube ReVanced 18.08.39 [Non Root] [2.164.18] (Android)

March 7, 2023 - Android
YouTube ReVanced 18.08.39 [Non Root] [2.164.18] (Android)

ReVanced is an unofficial continuation of Vanced and unaffiliated with Vanced, aiming to deliver new features; as well as those already seen in Vanced. pplied patches: microg-patch, amoled, minimized-playback, old-quality-layout, disable-create-button, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, background-play

What’s new:
– Base updated to YouTube v18.02.37
– New updated ReVanced Cli
– New updated Revanced Patches
– New updated Revanced Integrations

How to Install:
● First Install Vanced MicroG.
● Then Install YouTube ReVanced.
● Open YouTube ReVanced.
● Log In To Your Account.

Patch Info:
● Hide Crowdfunding Box (v0.0.1)
● Hide Time And Seekbar (v0.0.1)
● Hide Video Button (v0.0.1)
● Hide Captions Button (v0.0.1)
● Disable Startup Shorts Player (v0.0.1)
● Remove Player Button Background (v0.0.1)
● Hide Endscreeen Cards (v0.0.1)
● Hide Cast Button (v0.0.1)
● Sponsorblock (v0.0.1)
● Hide Autoplay Button (v0.0.1)
● Hide Watch In Vr (v0.0.1)
● Hide Album Cards (v0.0.1)
● Disable Auto Player Popup Panels (v0.0.1)
● Disable Fullscren Panels (v0.0.1)
● Hide Artist Card (v0.0.1)
● Return Youtube Dislike (v0.0.1)
● Comments (v0.0.1)
● Theme (v0.0.1)
● Hide Email Address (v0.0.1)
● Tablet Mini Player (v0.0.1)
● Hide Watermark (v0.0.1)
● Hide Info Cards (v0.0.1)
● Hide My Mix (v0.0.1)
● Custom Branding (v0.0.1)
● Premium Heading (v0.0.1)
● Old Quality Layout (v0.0.1)
● General Ads (v0.0.1)
● Video Ads (v0.0.1)
● Swipe Controls (v0.0.1)
● Downloads (v0.0.1)
● Seekbar Tapping (v0.0.1)
● Disable Zoom Haptics (v0.0.1)
● Open Links Directly (v0.0.1)
● MicroG Support (v0.0.1)
● Custom Video Buffer (v0.0.1)
● Debugging (v0.0.1)
● Client Spoof (v0.0.1)
● Always Autorepeat (v0.0.1)
● Minimized Playback (v0.0.1)
● Custom Video Speed (v0.0.1)
● Remember Video Quality (v0.0.1)
● Hdr Auto Brightness (v0.0.1)
● Enable Wide Searchbar (v0.0.1)
● Hide Create Button (v0.0.1)
● Hide Shorts Button (V0.0.1)
● Predictive Back Gesture (V0.0.1)
● Custom Branding Icon Blue (V0.0.1)
● Custom Branding Icon Red (V0.0.1)
● Custom Branding Icon Revancify (V0.0.1)
● Force Premium Heading (V0.0.1)
● Header Switch (V0.0.1)
● Hide Auto Captions (V0.0.1)
● Material You (V0.0.1)
● Optimize Resource (V0.0.1)
● Patch Options (V0.0.1)
● Translations (V0.0.1)


● Fix(return-youtube-dislike): dislike count gets still removed after pressing like
● Refactor(default-video-quality): improve the patch method
● Refactor(enable-old-quality-layout): improve the patch method
● Refactor(litho): minor optimization
● Refactor(litho): some button container settings now match with the official ReVanced’s source code
● Refactor: ReVanced settings UI (remove summary and PreferenceScreen segmentation)
● Crowdin translation update
Arabic, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese

Vanced MicroG v0.2.27.230755
● Bump dependency
● Bump GMS version to 23.07.55

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