Boris FX Sapphire 2024.5

April 17, 2024 - Software
Boris FX Sapphire 2024.5

Sapphire plugins let you create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native effect tools. Key features include over 270 effects and 3000+ presets, a powerful Effect and Transition Builder, and integrated tracking and masking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha. Sapphire’s superior image quality, control, and render speed offers massive time-savings — allowing creatives to focus on what matters most, delivering an impact that keeps audiences coming back.

New Host! Sapphire for Photoshop
New Effect! Sapphire ColorFuse
New Functionality! Mocha Splines in UltraZap
New Presets! 350+ new and curated presets for 2022
Improved LensFlare Designer! Featuring 5 brand new and over 40 revitalized flares
Faster Renders! NVIDIA CUDA 11 support for Ampere cards, improved support for Adobe After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering, and optimized performance for native processing on Apple M1 hardware


Sapphire for Photoshop
Sapphire 2022 adds new host support for Adobe Photoshop — and it’s FREE to all Sapphire 2022 users! Featuring 270+ resolution independent and non-destructive effects built into a one-of-a-kind nodal based effects compositor. Photoshop artists will delight at 3000+ easily searchable presets organized by name, type, or intended use. Sapphire Photoshop has the same extensive parameter set as Sapphire plugins, giving artists complete control over every aspect of an effect. Anything created with Sapphire Photoshop can be shared with Sapphire supported hosts including Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Foundry’s Nuke, and many others. Sapphire Photoshop is fully GPU-accelerated with CUDA and Metal support and features native support for Apple M1 processors.

Sapphire ColorFuse
Meet the brand new Sapphire effect: S_ColorFuse! Create cinematic color grades with ease using the one-of-a-kind Sapphire LUT effect. Combine up to three LUTs in different combinations and opacities for limitless choices or choose from one of 50 included presets. Transfer looks between host applications, no LUTs needed — all the info is stored in the S_ColorFuse preset. Maintain accurate color representation by setting the host application colorspace and LUT colorspace (produced in accordance with OCIO standards). S_ColorFuse is fully GPU-accelerated with CUDA and Metal support and renders natively on Apple M1 processors.

Mocha Splines in UltraZap
S_UltraZap now takes advantage of Sapphire’s built-in Mocha planar tracking and spline-based tools. Easily drive electrifying animations by creating tracked splines inside Sapphire’s Mocha interface or importing projects created in Mocha Pro or Mocha AE. All supported hosts now have access to the many advanced UltraZap features previously only available in Adobe After Effects. Whether you’re enhancing a simple logo or diving into a complex VFX shot, the combo of Mocha splines with UltraZap opens up a world of creative possibilities.

New Presets and Faster Speeds

The 2022 release features 300+ new curated presets across all Sapphire effects. Each new preset is designed with today’s artists in mind and delivers excellence in form and function. Many older presets have been deprecated and replaced by new modern versions.

Sapphire 2022 features faster speeds and shorter render times in Adobe After Effects with improved support for multi-frame rendering. On average, Sapphire renders are more than 20% quicker with MFR. Individual results can vary based on many factors (CPU, comp size, bit depth, etc).


Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for Photoshop  x64

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Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for After Effects  x64

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Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for OFX  x64

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23 thoughts on “Boris FX Sapphire 2024.5


once installed correctly by opening sony vegas 20 I don’t see the new plugin


      At the bottom of the page is written sony vegas 20


      I read online that maybe it’s the Vegas build that gives this problem, is there a more recent version?


      when install in after effect and use effect it has cross all over clip which doesnt get removed even after render, also what do you mean by copy past file to programdata? there was no programdata file anywhere


        C:\ProgramData\GenArts\rlm . Paste the lic there and remove older one.


          what lic? just wondering, there’s a lot




    It doesnt work for sonyvegaspro 21. I will try with a earlier version like 17 and see if that works


    it works on vegas pro 18


bro can you make a davinci resolve crack too??


Thank you very much for posting. Latest two boris links (sapphire / continuum) appear to be broken… claims ‘folder empty’


      Perhaps because you are logged in? Does not work in 3 different browsers I have attempted. Try in a private window or another browser.


        I use hand phone with other isp.. it is working well


Damn worked for me. Hope there are no viruses or anything else. Dropped you 5$


I just downloaded Vegas Pro 21, but the Sapphire plugins aren’t showing up and aren’t working.


Any macOS media composer version included??


Will sapphire work for premiere and after effects or just aftereffects ?


i need help, when i first imported the files into the folders, it all worked fine, but later when i was editing, my files started to go offline and it kept saying effects are missing, also when i put certain effects on clips it crashes


    its your pc i think because thats not normal


What was the password for Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins for After Effects x64?

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