Breakaway Broadcast Processor 0.90.95

March 25, 2021 - Software
Breakaway Broadcast Processor 0.90.95

Digital broadcasting sessions require attentive sound management to obtain clear and consistent transmissions. Aiming to become a must-have tool for all broadcasters, Breakaway Broadcast Processor allows full control over the audio quality.

Audio processing for broadcasters

This particular audio processing application is specifically designed for live or recorded broadcasting sessions, providing the tools one requires to obtain that undisrupted sound that can attract the audience.

The processor can work with all forms of radio, be it FM, HD, DAB, AM or Web broadcasts. It is compliant with the ITU-R SM.1268-1 standard and promises to deliver an alternative to hardware audio processors that it is worth taking into consideration.

Multi-band processing with only six controls

Breakaway Broadcast Processor features multi-band processing and advanced peak control. There are only six main controls at your disposal, all working together to help you adjust sound and find the perfect balance between volume and clarity.

The ‘Final Drive’ controls distortion and the bass punch at high volumes, the ‘Range’ addresses the excessive gain during song intros and silent intervals, whereas the ‘Power’ slider modifies the ratio of the AGC and the multiband compressors. The Bass level can be significantly boosted using the designated slider, while the ‘Bass Shape’ controls the frequency range of the bass. It is higly adivsable you read about all these controls and their capabilities in order to obtain the best results possible.

Available factory presets you can try out

If you prefer experimenting with predefined settings before manually adjusting controls, you should know that Breakaway Broadcast Processor comes with quite a generous array of presets you can use as a starting point.

Choosing a particular factory preset depends on the content you are broadcasting. There are options for different types of music, and presets with more or less aggressive processing involved. Unfortunately, you cannot read about each preset and its recommendations from within the app, which would actually be beneficial.

Adjust sound quality on Windows 7 or earlier

While the controls might seem few at first glance, each of them adjusts various internal parameters that make up the final output sound. Once you get familiar with what each can do, the sound tweaking process will become easier. Furthermore, the factory presets can help a lot.

Breakaway Broadcast Processor can ensure sound loudness without compromise on clarity, delivering clean and full sounds. And despite it is not compatible with more recent OS iterations, it is a good tool for broadcasters who use Windows versions earlier than 7.


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