CyberLink PhotoDirector 12.6.3018.0 Ultra

June 27, 2021 - Software
CyberLink PhotoDirector 12.6.3018.0 Ultra

Combining image editing and optimization with portrait retouching, PhotoDirector Ultra is just like having Photoshop, and Lightroom all rolled into one. It delivers professional results without the steep learning curve. It is loaded with exclusive AI tools, features like Express Layer Templates and customizable templates, and comes with comprehensive format support.


Powerful Layer Editing

* Creative Blending Modes
* Layer Adjustment
* Bevel & Emboss Text Effect
* Customizable Warped Text Layers
* Group & Filter Layers
* Snap Alignment in Layers
* One-click Layer Alignment
* One-click Layer Distribution

Creativity Powered by AI

* AI-Powered Deblur
* AI Styles
* Photo Management with AI Facial Recognition

Amazing Photos from Video

* Incredible Multi-exposure Shots
* Vibrant Motion Stills™
* Video-to-Photo Face Swap

Intuitive Guided Editing Tools

* Advanced Color Replacement
* Content-Aware Remove, Move & Clone
* Express Layer Templates
* Frame & Clip Art Packs
* Dehaze & Defringe

Incredible 360˚ Photo Editing

What’s New:
* AI-Powered Deblur
* Advanced Color Replacement
* Customizable Bevel, Emboss and Warped Text Layers
* Quick Access to Guided Editing Tools in Layer Editing
* Clip Art Packs
* Express Mode
* Layer Filtering
* GPS Log
* Show Photo Info By Hotkey
* AI Face Recognition for Photo Management
* Frame Template
* Snap Alignment for Layers
*One-click Align & Distribute for Layers

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

Processor (CPU)

Graphics Processor (GPU)


Hard Disk Space

Internet Connection

Screen Resolution

Language Support


(Registered Silent Repack) x64


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