Diskeeper 18 Home 20.0.1302.64

January 24, 2020 - Software
Diskeeper 18 Home 20.0.1302.64

Diskeeper’s intelligent resource monitoring, InvisiTasking®, ensures all optimization occurs without hampering system resources, so servers can operate at full production while Diskeeper runs in the background. InvisiTasking monitors resource consumption on a Windows system (disk, memory, network and CPU usage) and uses only resources that are otherwise idle, so Diskeeper runs invisibly with no intrusion on system resources.

InvisiTasking monitors volumes for files that are impacting performance and deploys the Instant Defrag™ engine to consolidate the few remaining fragments on HDDs (SSDs excluded) that were not eliminated by IntelliWrite, if any. With Diskeeper Professional, optimization is proactive, continuous and seamless.

For IT professionals who need to deploy Diskeeper across multiple PCs, the Diskeeper Administrator console allows for seamless network deployment – no reboot required. For Windows PCs, Diskeeper is the only highly efficient and proactive software for maximum performance—making it the #1 solution for keeping Windows PCs running better than new.

Diskeeper 18 Professional contains a toolkit of proactive and highly-efficient technologies:

Technical Specs & Resource Requirements Operating Systems Supported

Disk Subsystems Supported

Hardware Requirements

Additional Software Requirements

Diskeeper requires .NET 4. If .Net 4 is not installed on your system, Diskeeper will attempt to download and install it for you. Internet Explorer v11 or later is required to access all the Diskeeper UI features. A Note About Firewalls

As a normal part of its operation, the Diskeeper Service (DkService.exe) acts as a Windows service on your system. If you are running a hardware or software firewall, you may see messages indicating Diskeeper Service is trying to act as a Windows service. These messages are expected; you can safely allow these events. This functionality is designed to allow for support for network operations (e.g. Remote Control) via Diskeeper Administrator.

You may also be notified that Diskeeper is trying to access the Internet. It is important to note that Diskeeper does not access the Internet (except when you specifically use the Check for Updates feature or you opt in to send performance data for analysis), but it does use Windows mechanisms that may trigger these alerts from your firewall. Again, these messages are expected and you can safely allow the events. If networkability or automatic update checking is not required, you can safely disable this.

Final pack version is modded for not showing evaluation copy. Just prove to be working well.

Change log

Diskeeper 18 Build 20.0.1302.64


Windows 7 need to update KB4019990 for no crash. Missing file d3dcompiler_47.dll is not alert to us. Dotnet 4 is needed as well

11/27/2018 -Repack the trial reset installer to run each logon and everyday in high privilege mode. Just to make sure trial reset keep working in background.


(Silent Install Lifetime Auto Trial Reset Repack)

32Bit (20.0.1300.0)



64Bit (20.0.1302.64)


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