Editorial Mixed Media FX

April 5, 2021 - Software
Editorial Mixed Media FX
Adobe Photoshop and a serie of assets were used for this project: newspapers, brushes, watercolor drops and strokes ecc.. to give this old but contemporary look to the image. This Tool is realized for people who want to create this effect on their own photos.

The treatment is easily replicable in Adobe Photoshop with an ActionScript, and applicable to any image, you can view the full preview of the Photoshop Extension. Once the ActionScript has completed the user can customize and polish the final result.

The ActionScript will not create the animation, that was done manually but is possible to automate as well.

This Extension creates a static Image
You can easily create the animation depending on the photo you come up with: Using Window > Timeline you can create your own Animation.

Also Use it with FxBox FxBox is a very powerful Free Photoshop Extension that you can get here. Watch the (Video Available soon) to see how to Load this Effect into the Library of the FxBox and apply it live on a photo. It’s very easy!

Works with Adobe Photoshop, in any Language
These ActionScripts have been tested and work with Adobe Photoshop CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019 and superiors in any language. They have not been tested in ANY language so there’s a small possibility of bugs for arabic or chinese languages. They work with Texts, Paintings, Illustrations and Photos: big thanks to M. Rezania for allowing the preview of this effect with his amazing photographies.

Why This Extension is Superior to Actions
The code is designed to work with any image, at any resolution and depth. The final result will be in RGB Mode 8-bit regardless of the starting format: remember you can switch back to your settings once the Actionscript have finished. In case your starting photo is inferior to 3000 pixels it will be resized in order for the Filters and Pattern Deco Scripts to work correctly and always give you a good result.
The Scripts will behave differently basing on your starting area, photo and Document ratio: they will consistently create more scattered parts around the edges and more solid parts towards the center.

Some Manual Adjustments will always be necessary
It’s very Important to know that the Default result has the extra graphics (newspaper, brushes, lines) always in black color and on a white Background (check the Previews for more).
There’s a specific Group of Layers that will always need manual adjustments (White Strokes) because it is very dependant on the starting image.
In the Video Tutorial is showed how to easily modify and customize the artwork depending on your Image and add your own colors and extra detail to really create something polished and professional. In a couple of clicks you will have several artworks to choose from!

A Very Powerful New Tool in the Inventory!
Grab now these Photoshop ActionScripts, they will become part of your daily workflow! If you like Photoshop and photo manipulation this is a Tool you must have. Create amazing artworks starting from these premade effects and add your touch!

Special Thanks to
The Orange Box – for helping in the realization of this Tool and the integration with the FxBox Mohammadreza Rezania – for allowing the use of his photographies as Preview of the final Effect

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