Exposure X7 / Bundle

September 6, 2023 - Software
Exposure X7 / Bundle

Alien Skin Exposure is a program from the guys from ALIEN SKIN SOFTWARE, which will appeal to all those who appreciate the art of photography, because now you can very easily change photos by adding various effects to them, for example, imitation of a frame from a feature film, or you can apply an analog shooting simulation effect. camera.

If you are a creative person, if you want to change the exposure at your own discretion, if you want to recreate images typical for different film manufacturers, then I think you will appreciate this development. You can add the vibrant colors of Velvia, and whoever remembers the blacks of Kodachrome and the sensitivity of Ektachrome, you can do that here. The software can work autonomously, or you can use it as a plugin for different graphic editors.
Those who are already interested can download Alien Skin Exposure X3 at the bottom of the page, others can continue to read the description.

Features of the program:
Works great with 64-bit systems and Photoshop
Can be used as an add-on to Lightroom, no need onboard Photoshop
If you want to get the fastest possible result, you can use ready-made presets
You will get two modes of operation, the first uses color film, the second uses black and white
You can add aging effects, for example, scratches on the picture, dust, and so on.


Windows 10 or 11
64-bit Windows edition
Intel Core 2 processor or newer
Monitor with 1280 x 768 resolution or greater
8GB RAM minimum, 16GB recommended
For GPU support, a recent (2015 or later) OpenCL compatible GPU with 2GB RAM is recommended


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