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December 8, 2020 - Software
Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the high-performance, lightweight, highly expressive application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across browsers, mobile phones, devices and operating systems.

Deliver more engaging user experiences with the Adobe Flash Player 32 runtime through support for native 64-bit operating systems and browsers, accelerated graphics rendering, asynchronous bitmap decoding, high-resolution bitmap support.

Take advantage of a host of new features in the Adobe Flash Player version 32 runtime that streamline the development process, improve performance, enable greater security and privacy control. Also allow delivery of richer apps to a broader spectrum of devices.

This app allows you to view interactive web content like games, business presentations, advertisements.

Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, together enable businesses to efficiently deliver rich customer experiences across multiple digital touch points. The content can easily and consistently move between the browser, standalone applications and native operating systems to reach users on the devices of their choice.

Since the Adobe runtimes share a common codebase, developers can reuse code to deploy game console quality 2D and 3D games, rich media applications with premium high definition video and scalable date driven applications though both Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player Features:


16 November 2018 – Remove Flash Update Services.


(Silent Install For All Browser IE, Firefox and Chrome with Update Disable) x86 x64



DOWNLOAD Adobe Flash Player (for Internet Explorer) 32/64-bit

DOWNLOAD Adobe Flash Player (for Firefox – NPAPI) 32/64-bit

DOWNLOAD Adobe Flash Player (for Chromium – PPAPI) 32/64-bit

DOWNLOAD Adobe Flash Player Removal Tool for Windows 32/64-bit


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