GenP Universal Patch 3.3.10 / 3.4.13 B4

May 31, 2024 - Software
GenP Universal Patch 3.3.10 / 3.4.13 B4

Adobe universal patch. Can patch 2019/2020/2021 adobe product.

How to use GenP:

If you want to patch all Adobe apps in default location:
Press ‘Search Files’ – wait until GenP finds all files.
Press ‘Pill Button’ – wait until GenP do it’s job.
One Adobe app at a time:
Press ‘Custom path’ – select folder that you want [depending upon the app you want to patch]
Press ‘Search Files’ – wait until GenP finds all files.
Press ‘Pill Button’ – wait until GenP do it’s job.


Credits uncia and CGP Community

New GenP 3.4.13 Beta 4 Release:-

Change Log :

+ Fixed Windows Firewall/Hosts file hybrid blocking issues.

+ Fixed rare crash on startup.

– Switched to NSudoLG, which has 0 anti-virus detections

– RunAsTI was quite unstable and caused issues with GenP opening, so we switched to NSudoLG.

+ Fixed various home screen issues.

+ Reduced file size from 6MB to 1MB by replacing RunAsTI with NSudoLG.

– Dropped support for Cinema 4D v2024.3.2 until further notice due to various issues.

– v2023.0.1 – v2024.2.0 work perfectly, which is the version After Effects uses.

If having issues delete the NSudo…


GENP 3.3.5 Changes

This has better code for Pop-up Blocker which checks for 3rd party firewall and notifies user with instructions and dynamically fetches latest domain to query for IP addresses.
It has an options tab, to allow you to select if you want to search for ACC, and if you want to find files in any folder you create – useful for testers/repackers or anyone with a really weird folder structure.
The options are read in from the config.ini file.
If you change options, you can save them to the config.ini with the Save Options button, so that they stick on future launches.

3.3.6 Changelog:

Reworked pop-up code to parse every url from, resolve all the IP addresses and create a firewall rule that combines them.

3.3.7 Changelog:

his release has updated config.ini that patches InDesign.
On the options tab, you can select custom domains to use for pop-up blocker. By default, they are set to 2 addresses that are currently used, but you can add/remove as required. This basically allows you to choose between 3.3.4 and 3.3.6 method of blocking. It is also future-proof, in case gets taken down, and has error checking for in IPs which is a sign of unclean hosts, which is preventing all IPs being detected. It will abort if this is the case, rather than blocking all Internet traffic!

3.3.8 Changelog:

This version is a bug fix for version 3.3.7
Improved Pop-up code to prevent app hanging under particular circumstances.
Improved Saving config code to prevent completely removing default hosts.

3.3.10 Changelog:

This will patch PS properly. It will patch Adobe Illustrator 2023 properly.
I cannot get a pop-up in Ai 2024.
3.3.10 has a new Pop-up Tools tab. Full of goodies for experts and testing.
Anyone with pop-up in 2024 versions of Ai, please try nuking AGS from this page, remove all firewall and hosts rules, and see if you still get pop-up.


Thanks to MIkeVirtual / E1uSiv3 sharing

GenP-3.3.10 5/31

GenP-3.3.8 5/24

GenP-3.3.7 5/24

GenP-3.3.6 5/22

GenP-3.3.5 5/21

GenP-3.3.3 5/16

GenP-3.4.13 (Reddit) 5/16

GenP-3.4.9 (Reddit)














GenP-2.7 MediaFire




GenP 2.5

27 thoughts on “GenP Universal Patch 3.3.10 / 3.4.13 B4


good softward




PS 25.6.0 can be used, but the top right corner prompts “Trial ended”


PS 25.6.0 can be used, but the top right corner prompts “Trial ended”


I Downloaded the full installer with 2024.001.20604 from the official website and installed it on a networked machine and a non-networked machine.

After using Adobe-GenP-3.3.1_beta on the networked machine, acrobat works well.

My own understanding is that three files were replaced (Acrobat.dll, acrodistdll.dll, acrotray.exe).

I copied the three new files to the non-networked machine, then replaced the original files. But acrobat didnot work on the non-networked machine: 1. can not print from office to Acrobat printer 2. acrobat quit after some time.

Is there any other operation besides replacing these three files to make acrobat work? Please advise! Thanks!


    I’ve blocked Acrobat totally from the internet and it works. Try to uninstall Acrobat on your non-networking machine. Install it again but this time use the GenP on it and do not replace the DLL and .exe files manually. Also, there are sites which deliver Acrobat, pre-activated.


Just download 3.4.12 and 3.4.9. Software does not start and corresponding task was impossible to kill without a restart of my computer. I think there is a problem with this new 3.4.x versions, while 3.3.2 is fully functional.

William Shakespeare

There is a problem with the print in grayscale option. After using the patch I can’t use the option anymore, please fix it.


I don’t understand.. After I’ve patched InDesign the software said again -> that’s an unlicenced app pay it or leave. Did I need to do something or that’s you that you need to fix it ?


PS 25.7.0 can be used, but the top right corner prompts “Trial ended”


Patch error after opening GenP-3.4.12 (Reddit).
dark mood not working on patch browsing app.


Sometimes it may crash (such as changing settings when using a printer) after installing the newest Adobe Acrobat DC patch 24.002.20736 (May 05, 2024).


Photoshop prompts a Japanese non-genuine warning popup, and I’ve only been able to fix this by disabling Photoshop networking at the moment!


    Did you press Disable Popup at GenP ? Works everytime. Also repatch all apps with newest GenP !


    I also encountered the same problem. In China, my version is 25.0.0 20230906.r.37 b14e317 x64. It can only be used if the VPN is turned off. When turning on the VPN, a subscription pop-up window will pop up. I wonder if there is a possible solution.


      I am using version 3.4.12 Genp


    The same problem cannot be solved at present. Today, it suddenly prompted


What’s the password for the zip?
for GenP-3.3.5 5/21


    password removed. Redownload


      thank you it’s work:D


after the patch, the application stops opening

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