Geometrical Collage Generator – Photoshop Plugin

June 2, 2022 - Software
Geometrical Collage Generator – Photoshop Plugin

Discover the new Geometrical Collage Plugin, which allows you to easily apply dot particle designs and other shape patterns to any image in Photoshop..

Unlimited combinations could be created, thanks to the script, which generates random layouts. Each iteration is unique and produces a different and sophisticated layout..

Perfect fit for diverse design works such as illustrations, printed artworks, and branding.
If you like photo manipulation effects, this is a tool you must have.

The video tutorial link is included in the “Video Guide link” file in the download.

This Photoshop Extension contains high-resolution textures.
to give you the best output image quality

The collection of 10 pre-made colorful Photoshop Presets included.

Texture Selector
The Texture Selector allows you to generate random variations of texture type you have selected.

Intelligent Optimization
The script will check an open document and apply all required settings if needed.

UI Colors
Support four UI brightnesses, to match Photoshop UI color themes.

Support only English Photoshop language

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Remark: Open photoshop menu -> Window -> Expand Classic (If no popup)


(Retail Repack) x86


2 thoughts on “Geometrical Collage Generator – Photoshop Plugin


Thank you for this plugin 🙂
i have one problem with install win10 says its SEVERE virus… what to do? let it install?
i have a new fresh win10 install and dont know what to do. usually i allow but this time win10 it shouts at me that this is a SEVERE knows virus – Plaese HELP.
maybe its better to buy this program it cost 9$


    it catch winrar sfx i think… defender sux

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