HDD Regenerator 2024

July 28, 2023 - Software
HDD Regenerator 2024

HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them!

Program features

Main benefits

Hard disk drive is an integral part of every computer. It stores all your information. One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on the disk surface. Bad sectors are a part of the disk surface which contains not readable, but frequently necessary information. As a result of bad sectors you may have difficulties to read and copy data from your disk, your operating system becomes unstable and finally your computer may unable to boot altogether. When a drive is damaged with bad sectors, the disk not only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk losing information stored on it. The HDD Regenerator can repair damaged disks without affecting or changing existing data. As a result, previously unreadable and inaccessible information is restored.

How it works

Almost 60% of all hard drives damaged with bad sectors have an incorrectly magnetized disk surface. We have developed an algorithm which is used to repair damaged disk surfaces. This technology is hardware independent, it supports many types of drives and repairs damage that even low-level disk formatting cannot repair. As a result, previously unreadable information will be restored. Because of the way the repair is made, the existing information on the disk drive will not be affected!

Can the HDD Regenerator repair your drive?

Almost 60 % of damaged hard disks can be repaired by regeneration.The main purpose of the unregistered demo version is to display a report which contains information about the possibility to regenerate the entire disk by means of the registered full version. If the first found bad sector has been successfully regenerated, you can buy the product to regenerate all bad sectors on your drive. If the first bad sector has NOT been successfully regenerated, then replace your disk drive as soon as possible.

HDD Regenerator’s Delays Detected

Permanent delays mean that the drive has sectors with long access time. A drive with permanent delays is actually a failing drive and may cause data losses. You can try to regenerate such sectors using the “Regenerate all sectors in a range” option. Also, the delays can be regenerated in the “scan and repair” mode, if the following both conditions are met:

  1. The drive has been completely scanned at least 1 time.
  2. The drive does not contain bad sectors.

Installation OS: Windows 10, 11


Supported OS (with bootable media): any

Supported drive types: HDD, SSD, NVMe

Bootable mode: UEFI 64-bit, UEFI x86, legacy BIOS

Bootable media: USB flash drive

Windows modes: scan, test, refresh, regenerate, S.M.A.R.T.

Bootable media modes (any operatig system): scan, test, refresh, regenerate, S.M.A.R.T.

Supported file systems: any

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registration failed during install. I’ve tried without connecting to internet too, still cant register.


    tested ok.. registered… Disable uac maybe help… search uac and disable it


      I didn’t have any UAC ever on my windows, not even Defender. Disabled and removed any leftover parts of it left.


I confirm.
Registration not working…

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