Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

June 6, 2024 - Software
Hex Editor Neo Ultimate

Hex Editor is a full-featured easy-to-use product for professionals who need all the power to deal with binary data. It has ultimate product functionality and flexibility to do your job quick and easy.

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Hex Editor offers you all basic functionality of the award-winning Free Hex Editor as well as a number of extended features. They include multiple selection, powerful Find All and Replace All commands, Goto and Fill commands, Bookmarks and file structure analysis capabilities.

The powerful multiple selection feature allows you to select multiple areas of the edited document and apply editing commands to all of them, thus critically saving your time!

Hex Editor is highly optimized to quickly perform the requested actions and easily opens files of any size! It also allows you to continue working with a document while another document is busy performing a lengthy operation.

Hex Editor can be successfully used for:
• editing binary files of any size at highest speed
• searching and replacing your data in a binary file
• writing your microcode programs
• researching the functionality of any executable file
• streamlining your work using Undo/Redo and other features

Hex Editor can be successfully used by:
• software developers
• private users
• beta-testers
• university students
• coders

Hex Editor usage areas:
• Binary files
• Patches
• DLLs
• AVI files
• MP3 files
• JPG files

Version 7.45
New Features

New “Clear Comparison Results” command
A new command has been added to the File Comparison tool window toolbar.
Bookmark group reordering added
The user may now reorder bookmark groups.
Bookmarks CSV export and import added
It is now possible to export bookmarks into CSV file and import them back.

Updated Features

Cursor is moved to the first non-matching block after file comparison
After File Comparison is completed, cursor in both documents is moved to the first non-matched block.
Various improvements to the Bookmarks tool window
A number of different improvements and fixes have been implemented in Bookmarks tool window, thanks to customer reports.
Added presets for bookmarks colors
The user may now create presets for bookmark colors and re-use them for other bookmark groups.

Bug Fixes

Character typing is broken in UTF-16 mode
Attempting to type characters when UTF-16 encoding is active fails.
When the editor is UNICODE (UTF-16), encoding name in pattern window is garbled
Application incorrectly displayed current encoding name in a pattern window (Find, Replace and other windows).
Fixed Data Annotation and Bookmarks overlapping colors
It was difficult to combine data annotations and bookmarks in the same document. This has been improved.
Error pasting numbers with thousand separators into numeric fields
It is now possible to paste numbers with thousand separators into various numeric fields in the application.
Broken data annotation stream leads to a crash
Opening a file with broken data annotation stream caused the editor to crash.
-reset command line parameter did not work as expected
Now it correctly restores application configuration to the default state.
Incorrect displaying of floating-point values in search patterns
Entering floating-point values as a search pattern was difficult due to the internal bug.
Pasting floating-point values does not work in the editor
An issue has been fixed that prevented floating-point values from being pasted correctly.
Leading zero is not displayed in a checksum
Checksum results are now correctly formatted.
Checksum calculation causes crash on ARM64
This bug affected several checksum algorithms on ARM64.
Statistics heat map is empty on ARM64
An issue that prevented the heat map from showing on ARM64 has been fixed.
Structure Viewer list position reset after document edit
Structure Viewer now tries to preserve the current cursor position when structure is bound to the document and that document is being edited.


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