JoyToKey 6.9.2

September 9, 2023 - Software
JoyToKey 6.9.2

JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever buttons and sticks are pressed on the controllers, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if a real keyboard and a mouse were used.

Advanced Features of JoyToKey:
Virtual joysticks (a.k.a. SHIFT-key function)
Assume your joystick has only 6 buttons, but you want to assign 10 different key inputs to your joystick buttons. What can you do?
Then, you can configure extra key assignments for a virtual joystick number and you can switch the key assignments by pressing a special joystick button (a.k.a. SHIFT-key button).
For example, by default you’re using key/mouse assignments defined for Joystick #1. But in the example below, you can switch to key/mouse assignments defined for Joystick #3 whenever “button 3” is pressed.
Switch across multiple key assignments
JoyToKey allows you to assign two or three sets of key-assignments for a single button, and switch among them in several ways.
Switch in rotation
In the sample screenshot below, key-assignments will rotate as below whenever a button is pressed.
“A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C-> A -> …”
Switch based on press-duration
Input can change depending on how long the button is pressed.
– ex) small jump key if a button is pressed less than 300 milli-seconds
– ex) big jump key if a button is pressed more than 300 milli-seconds
Switch based on analog input level
For analog stick inputs, the assignment can change depending on the analog input level.
– ex) small stick input => slow movement key
– ex) large stick input => fast movement key

Version 6.9.1 includes the following change(s):

A few bug fixes
Enhancement for the “Keyboard” tabs: Added the right-click menu to specify the mouse wheel input.

This enables the wheel input to be easily combined with other key inputs such as “ALT + wheel” or “CTRL + wheel” for zoom-in/out shortcuts
Added the feature to trigger the custom vibration pattern when the active profile is switched (under the Options tab).

NOTE: At this moment, it’s limited to the first XInput device. If there is a demand to notify on other devices, please contact us.
In the main window, added the right-click menu to easily swap two button assignments.
Main menu: Added a few menu items for easier access such as “License key”, “TIPs” and “Donation” (under Help).
Enhanced “Configure diagonal input as separate buttons” feature such that it can be configured separately for left and right sticks.

(Under “Options” tab -> Show/Hide Buttons)

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