Native Instruments Raum 1.3.0

November 14, 2022 - Software
Native Instruments Raum 1.3.0

Sculpt everything from subtle spaces to huge, granular textures

Meet RAUM, your do-it-all creative reverb. Made to sculpt any space, RAUM can do everything from abstract echoes to spacetime-bending ambience in one swift move. It’s your space laboratory, your mix fixer, and your utility tool. It’s simple, flexible – and most importantly, it sounds out of this world.

RAUM’s three modes cover everything from realistic rooms to experimental reflections and sonic space-travel sound design. Whether you’re adding depth to your pads, or want to extract high-fidelity textures from a one-shot sample, it has you covered.

This room-style reverb covers everything from tiny ambiences to large chambers, and delivers bucketloads of in-your-face reflections with a dense reverb tail. It’s perfect for adding weight and polish to percussive sounds, but can really take sounds to their limits with a little experimentation.

A hall-style reverb with natural early reflections that will elevate vocals, smooth-out synths, and swell pianos. The modulation control adds extra movement to the reverb, turning sounds from lush to freaky at the twist of a knob.

Your zero-gravity sonic laboratory. Get busy with the pre-delay section to craft everything from complex resonances to granular textures, and metallic sounds, and take things further with the modulation knob for even wilder soundscapes. Cosmic is reverb reinvented.

RAUM’s pre-delay and modulation sections are where it makes the leap from the utilitarian to sound-sculpting experimentalism.

RAUM’s pre-delay section is packed with potential, with an enormous spectrum of potential uses. Increase the feedback using a short delay for metallic, comb-filter sounds, and sync it for echo or looping style effects

Add a shifting, detuned feel to RAUM’s reverb tails, or go all-out in the Cosmic mode for wonky atmospheric soundscapes and unique granular textures.

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