EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.3.3

June 6, 2024 - Software
EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Pro 6.3.3

Net Monitor for Employees Pro is a cross-platform monitoring application that gives users direct access to multiple remote computers. This comes in handy, especially when you need to view the activity of each user and assist him or her in carrying out different tasks by using the mouse and keyboard on the remote PC.

Monitor Live Computer Screens

The application allows you to see what is currently displayed on an employee computer monitor. This way you can quickly discover if your employees are doing the tasks they are paid for.

All employee computer screens can be displayed at once since they can be displayed as thumbnails with configurable size.
You can simply zoom in to any employee computer screen by double clicking the thumbnail.

Record Employee Desktop Screens

Computer Screen Recorder allows you to record employee’s screen either at specific intervals or in live video. Recorded screens are saved in MPEG4 (video) or JPEG (screenshots) format.

The recording can be scheduled for specific days and time intervals, so it can be done automatically in the background. For this reason, you don’t need to be present or have a network connection at that time.

The built-in player allows you to quickly check and play the recordings.

Log Employe Activity

The Logging & Reporting functionality allows you to track employee’s application or process usage, like which applications were used and for how long.

Additionally, you can gather internet browsing data to see what your employees are browsing the most.

The optional keylogger allows you to track what employees are typing into which application.

Use Advanced Admin Tools

Sometimes you need to act as a computer or network administrator. Our rich set of administrator tools allows you to perform various actions on a selected set of computers.

You can e.g. power on / power off / reboot computers, lock computers, disable printing, disable Ctrl+Alt+Del…

Additionally, you can also execute shell (CMD) commands, send keystrokes to all selected computers and much more.

Block Web Browsing

Employees sometimes surf the web for other non-job related stuff. Usually, this will not represent an issue, but sometimes you may want to limit access to some or all other web pages.

The application allows you to block websites by URL or by the words that they contain. You have also the ability to whitelist some web pages.

When a blocked website is visited you can either display a custom message, redirect to a different URL or just close the browser.

Control Applications and Processes

Maybe you are not aware, but many employees install various additional applications on their computers.

Such applications can be dangerous for your system since they can represent a condition for a security breach.

Our application allows you to spot such events and give you the ability to stop any application or process as well to block any of them. It offers a Task Manager like list of processes and applications.

Share your your Desktop

On some occasions, you may want to share your or other employee screens with other employees.

This can be especially useful e.g. when you are doing some presentation or you just want to train employees.

An example of such training is when a new application or feature is introduced in your business and you want that all or just some employees are familiar with it.

Send & Collect Files

File Manager like functionality allows you to either collect or send files to and from any employee.

This can be useful in cases when you want to distribute some documents to employees – e.g. a spreadsheet that needs to be filled.

Such a spreadsheet can be simply distributed to employees and it will appear on the employee’s desktop or documents folder.

When employees fill requested data, you can collect filled spreadsheet back with just a few mouse clicks.

Restrict Access to Employee Computers

In many cases, you will want to permanently or temporarily restrict some computer functionality to prevent employees from using a computer in a way that is not allowed by your company.

For this reason, we added several options to the application that allows you to permanently restrict some computer options like printing, using USB drives, using Task Manager…

Send Message to Employees

If you want instantly notify employees about something then you can do this with a one mouse click.

The application allows you to display a message on selected employee computers.

During this time computers can be temporarily locked, which can be especially useful if you are doing a presentation and you want to bring your attention.

Remotely Control Employee Computers

In many cases, you will need to take control of your employee computer by working on the computer remotely from your office.

This can happen when you are doing some administrative tasks and you don’t want to physically visit each computer or when you just want to help a specific employee to do his job more efficiently.

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Agent install is hidden to C:\Windows\System32\nlnme

In case need uninstall you need use the installer Select Uninstall Agent…


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