OmniaSST 9.35 + Omnia µMPX 3.0.4

February 14, 2021 - Software
OmniaSST 9.35 + Omnia µMPX 3.0.4

This full-featured, professional audio processing software transforms Windows PCs into high-end audio processors. Based on a powerful processing engine designed by Hans van Zutphen, OmniaSST is the first processor to support the Telos Alliance’s revolutionary Omnia µMPX® codec.

Omnia µMPX, a specialized codec purpose-built for FM radio, is able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a small 320kbps data pipe. Reduced data requirements mean high-quality multiplexed audio and RDS signals can be directly routed over IP from your processor into a decoder application, opening up tremendous possibilities for efficient MPX audio transport.

Omnia SST audio processing software is the only processor with the 3 Ds for your audio needs: Declipper, Delossifer, and Dehummer. With Declipper, OmniaSST repairs incoming audio, optimizing it before it hits compression, limiting, and final processing stages, Delossifer repairs the sound of lossy compressed audio such as MPEG2/MP3 material. While Dehummer removes unwanted sounds such as 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables. These remarkable pre-processing tools result in clean, loud, and open sound.

Finally, OmniaSST audio processing software includes purpose-built Omnia presets, FM pre-emphasis, stereo and RDS encoding, and shares the same FM reception-improving composite final clipper as found on the Omnia 9SG. Using an i7 class processor, latency can be reduced to as low as 5ms. A streamlined, HTML-5 based GUI means easy, intuitive operation.


Audio Processing Features


FM Transmitter Features

OmniaSST audio processing software is the first product to generate and decode Omnia’s proprietary µMPX™ multiplex audio codec, allowing you to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a small 320kbps data pipe, slashing bandwidth needed for MPX by 83%! Reduced data requirements mean high-quality multiplexed audio can be economically routed from an audio processor, over IP, and directly to a decoder application, opening completely new possibilities for studio to transmitter links.

µMPX includes stereo and RDS data, which can be sent to the FM transmitter using a good-quality 192kHz capable sound card. No separate hardware stereo coder or hardware RDS encoder is needed.

The following FM transmitter specific options are provided:

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Remark: Salute goes to FULMOON TSRh. I have no idea what is this. Release due to request.

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Omnia µMPX is a specially designed audio codec that is able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals (including RDS data) over a relatively small 320kbps data pipe. This specialized codec is purpose-built for FM radio. By reducing data requirements, high-quality multiplexed audio can be economically routed from an audio processor, over IP, and directly into an exciter. Lower bandwidth IP connections and narrow band STL channels can now be put into play to transport MPX signals.

Stand Alone Windows Encoder and Decoder applications are now available, and you can demo the software by downloading the OmniaSST installer. Unlicensed versions serve as a great “work bench” demo of the actual applications, but until a license is purchased, these versions play periodic tones, and are not suitable for air.OmniaSST was the first processor to include integrated µMPX capabilities and Omnia.9 now offers optional µMPX encoding capability. Refer to the SST manual µMPX section starting on page 59 for more information on configuration. Please note that to order a license you will need to generate a license key from the exact machine you plan to run the software on.

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    Thanks a good software


      Do you still have this software? Can you share it? Here is my email address [email protected]


Thanks alot but unfortunately OmniaSST 9.35 is not included in the folder. The folder contains only Omnia µMPX 3.0.4. Will be glad if you can provide with the OmniaSST 9.35.
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      firstly thanks a lot but
      Omnia SST will run without licensing, although recorded messages will be injected into the audio after a period of time.

      and it still does after your patch, can you patch that?



        Please patch again this or new version qmpx


uMPX It is not fully functional. When you activate the GPS option, tones start playing every 2-3 hours.


Is this available and ready to download?


There is nothing new from the new version Omnia sst ? Thanks ????

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