OmniPlayer E2 (Removed)

December 23, 2021 - Software
OmniPlayer E2 (Removed)

OmniPlayer E2 is currently the most wanted Radio Automation Software used in Europe. Highly wanted.

HUGE PACKAGE. This package includes all tools to setup your OmniPlayer environment:
– DupleXX and Outline (Loading playlists from Powergold)
– AudioLink (to import audio to OmniPlayer)
– DaNotifyService (Realtime updates in OmniPlayers’ DB)
– MultiSend (upload / push API for Now Playing stuff to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP),
– Remote Studio (Synchronisation for home voicetracking),
– Airback (standalone local backup tool, DB + Audio),
– PlaylistChecker (checks playlists, when no playlists exists -> notification by e-mail is sent),
– DHD Global Logics Plugin (for Global Logics of your DHD Mixer, place in Program Files (x86)\M&I Broadcast Services\OmniPlayer E2\Plugins), Powergold + Keygen
…and more.

All above tools are provided with patched .EXE’s.

– Make sure Sentinel HASP Service is installed(!), else the Applications will hang with Timeout log-messages.
– Use 32 bit ODBC, 64 bit won’t work.
– Use Network Service for Sybase: the Personal Database App limits to 5 connections and may give errors when operating larger databases / using more Apps inside OmniPlayer E2.

The only things not cracked are (but setups included):
– M&I GPIO Server
– OmniVeo Server (for Visual Radio / Videoclips with your music playout)

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Special thanks to Cachito, RadioDude (TSRh) sharing)

Removed due to warez copyright





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Hi My Friend, Sorry to bother you. Do you have another resource where we can find the patched EXE files? Would love to know 🙂


@Admin Any chances of giving an URL to this software on PM?


@Admin I really like this software, can you send it to me?

[email protected]

@Admin can you send it to me? I really like this software


@Admin can you send it to me? I really like this software


i need this version with bpm support lost all my download rar could you send it to me please

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