ON1 Photo Keyword AI 2023.5

June 23, 2023 - Software
ON1 Photo Keyword AI 2023.5

This simple-to-use application allows users to make their photos discoverable by intelligently finding and organizing them using the power of AI. Anyone can now search and view their photos with Photo Keyword AI based on photo content without having to do the work you would find in most other photo organizing software. This cutting-edge technology employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your images and automatically assign appropriate keywords.

Quickly Find Your Photos

With very little work, you can search your entire photo libraries. You will soon discover your favorite photos, photos long forgotten, or manage new photos without the time-consuming organizing tasks. Photo Keyword AI also lets you search any metadata field simply by typing in a word or phrase. If you are looking for photos of birds, just type in bird.


Elevate your Photo Management

Automatic embedding of keywords and metadata to photos via XMP for compatibility with applications like Adobe Lightroom Classic or Capture One. Lightning-fast browser for fast photo viewing, organization, and culling. Full metadata support, including nested keywords, descriptions, and complete EXIF, IPTC, and XMP compatibility.


Easily Load Your Photos

Photo Keyword AI will allow you to get the photos from your memory cards, cameras, or phones with a built-in import dialog.


Broad File Support

File support includes raw photos from 800+ cameras spanning 20 years, as well as PSD, TIF, JPG, PNG, HEVC, and most video files.

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Install app.

delete log file (if exist):



ON1 APP Folder = “ON1 Photo RAW 2023” or “ON1 Effects 2023” and ect.
ON1 APP NAME = “ON1 Photo RAW” or “ON1 NoNoise AI ” and ect.

For example:
%APPDATA%\ON1\ON1 NoNoise AI  2023\ON1 NoNoise AI  Log.txt


2. Open program and try register once with data from keygen, don’t close keygen or re-generate mail/pass/code
now open log mentioned above (will be created after starting the program)
find line (somewhere near the end) which contain something like:
Offline activation failed. Server Hash: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Client Hash: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Server Hash is hash from keygen Activation Code (first part of code)
try activate again but this time, in activation code, replace server hash with client hash.


If you did everything right, the log will show:
Offline activation succeeded. Hash: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



How to register:

In keygen, select ON1 Photo Raw 2023 & follow the instructions given by @xanax (same registration method as other ON1 programs) .

Use the log file of Photo Keyword in ‘C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\ON1\ON1 Photo Keyword AI 2023\ON1 Photo Keyword AI Log.txt’.


(Installer) x64



(Keygen) Thanks flash13 / BTCR release


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Registering works but crashes everytime I scan a Nikon D1 pictures directory while On1 Raw successfuly reads them.

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