Passper for Word

April 29, 2024 - Software
Passper for Word

Recover the password to open a locked Word document or remove formatting and editing restrictions on a Word document without password.

Access Locked Word Documents With Any Protection
• Can’t open encrypted Word files
• Can’t copy content in locked Word files
• Can’t edit locked Word files
• Can’t delete content in locked Word files
• Can’t annotate content in locked Word files
• Can’t change format of locked Word files

What You Can Expect

• Recover Opening Passwords for Word Documents
Can’t open a Word file because you forgot the password? Passper offers 4 attack types to recover the password.
• Remove Editing and Formatting Restrictions in Seconds
Remove the protection and edit the Word document even if you forgot the password.

4 Methods to Recover Word Password

• Dictionary Attack
Dictionary attack will try all the combinations of characters on a list until your password is found. Passper offers a default dictionary. You can also import a dictionary file.
• Combination Attack
It works by combining the letters, numbers or symbols you choose. For instance, if you choose c, a, t, this method will combine them into words like cat, cta, act, atc, tca and many more until the password is recovered.
• Mask Attack
Mask attack enables you to recover your password very fast if you know some details about it.
• Brute – Force Attack
Tries all combinations of all characters until it finds your password. This method takes longer.

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