Secure Delete Professional 2023.17

November 30, 2023 - Software
Secure Delete Professional 2023.17

Securely erases files. This software is an effective tool for securely erasing files and folders permanently. Once this software has been used, the selected files and folders do not go to the Recycle Bin and will be unrecoverable. Users have several security options to allow you to choose the level of security that you need, which will be reflective of the speed of processing.

Convenient interface
This application can be used in three ways. (1) Drag and drop the files or folders which you want to be securely deleted to the main window. (2) Select the necessary files by clicking Add Files on the main screen. Or (3) select any file or folder on Windows Explorer and choose the Send To option, then click Secure Deleter. It’s that simple.


Security guaranteed
Just because our interface is simple doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. It’s quite the opposite in our case. The simple interface was designed to be that way to make it easier for newer users. Within the software, there are many powerful algorithms in play for data destruction. So, even if you are a new user, you can be sure that you’ll understand how to get the maximum security possible.


It’s NOT an app with useless side functions
Unlike our competitors, our application is not a “super-app” overloaded with a lot of side features or “mini-apps” that nobody needs and are just a headache for the user. Our app is an “app for one purpose” that have only one goal and we do it the best. We offer a high-quality product with a clean interface.

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Hello my friends,
It is always claimed that such and such software erases files without leaving traces, while “Disk Drill Pro” by xempel can recover any overwritten or erased file in a so-called “secure” way is what this software makes an exception and erases in a secure and definitive way as you present it? We’ll see !!!

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