SMPlayer 22.2.0

February 28, 2022 - Software
SMPlayer 22.2.0

SMPlayer intends to be a complete front-end for MPlayer, from basic features like playing videos, DVDs, VCDs and Internet streams to more advanced features like support for MPlayer filters and more.SMPlayer uses the award-winning MPlayer as engine. So it’s able to play the most known audio and video formats without any need of external codecs. It can play avi, mkv, ogm, mpeg, vob, 3gp, asf, mov, wmv, mp3, ogg…

Special care have been taken with subtitles. It supports srt, sub, ssa, embedded subtitles in Matroska files, DVD subtitles… SMPlayer subtitles can be very nice, you can choose font and size, and even colors for the subtitles.
One of the most interesting features of this player, it remembers the settings of all files you play. So you start to watch a movie, but you have to leave…
Don’t worry, when you open that movie again it will resume at the same point you left it. And with the same settings: audio track, subtitles, volume…


Other additional interesting features

[22.2] – 2022-02-27

Linux and Mac OS

  • Fix the option to send video to another screen.
  • Fix the option to choose the audio output device.

Flatpak package

  • Add support for the AV1 codec.

Mac OS

  • Fix colors in HDR videos.
  • SMPlayer is now also compatible with Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave).

Other changes

  • Fix: the playlist is shuffled after adding files if the shuffle button is on.
  • Possibility to choose whether to show the media title or the filename in the playlist.


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