VisualCron Pro 9.9.10 Build 14772

October 3, 2022 - Software
VisualCron Pro 9.9.10 Build 14772

VisualCron is an automation, integration and task scheduling tool for Windows. VisualCron is a complex automation utility that delivers a user-friendly, yet feature-rich working environment for easy task scheduling. The plethora of options it comes with makes it stand out, and the array of predefined tasks it bundles helps you automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks without any programming or scripting knowledge.

No programming skills
You do not have to have a programming background to learn and create Tasks with VisualCron.

Easy to use interface
Drag, click and create. The interface is consistent and easy to learn.

Tasks for everything
With 300+ custom Tasks for different technologies we are sure we can solve and automate your problems.

Customer driven development
We base our development on feature requests from our customers.

Fast and accurate support
We know our product inside out as well as Windows environment in general.

Extended logging
With audit, Task and Job logs, as well as output for each Task you will have enough information for debugging.

Flow and error handling
React and control flow based on error type and output.

Interact with anything
A range of Tasks uses common protocols for file transfer and script execution across different platforms.

Programming interface
Interact with VisualCron on a programming level by using our API

Save time and money
Automating Tasks along with easy configuration saves your company time and money.

Eliminate human errors
By automating advanced Tasks and handle errors automatically you eliminate human errors and downtime.

System Requirements:
– VisualCron is designed for Windows based computers
– VisualCron works on the following operating systems: 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
– VisualCron works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors
– Requires .NET 4.8

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To install the Client & Server package, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE=”1″


To install the Client only, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE=”2″


To use other than the default installation folder, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE=”1″ TARGETDIR=”C:\Program Files\your folder\”

Changes done:

* Pro license type enabled.

* Expiration removed.

* Online validation removed.

* Maintanance expiration removed.


(Install with crack) x86


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