March 10, 2023 - Software

ApowerREC is a multipurpose screen recording software that enables you to record desktop and webcam activities with system sound and microphone sound. And it provides many recording mode options, such as task recording, auto stop recording, auto split recording, locked window recording, zoom recording, and more. With its annotation tools, you can easily use this recorder to draw lines, circles, arrows, or add texts to the screen during the recording. Now, this guide will guide you on how to use ApowerREC to record the content that you want.

Record Screen

Record screen activities on your display.

Record Webcam

Record webcam only or record webcam with screen.

Record Audio

Record system sound and microphone.

Add Annotation

Add texts, lines, arrows and other real-time editing works.

Edit Video

Trim video length, add a watermark and other advanced editing.


Extra Smart Screen Recording Experience
Task Recording

Create scheduled recording tasks to record PC screen \ webcam at a specific time automatically, setting the start and stop recording time as you want.
Zoom Recording

Zoom in on a certain part of area during screen recording by using default shortcut key F10, enlarging the recording content you want to show specifically.
Locked Windows Recording

Record a specific window or program exclusively, and the recording process won’t be interrupted even when you are using other programs.
Spotlight Recording

Emphasize certain part of the recorded screen by using default shortcut key F4, highlighting the screen recording details.

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