May 10, 2023 - Software

Take your game to the next level. Keyboard and Mouse. Hasn’t changed since the ’90’s. Explore how ControlMyJoystick can improve your gaming experience. It emulates. In a fun way. Send command to your game as joystick, keyboard and mouse input using our virtual device drivers.

Speak Your Mind
Simply speak a command like ‘Gear Up’ to perform the corresponding command in-game. It is easier than searching for the correct key on your keyboard.

Be Multi-Dimensional
Add an optional 3Dconnexion controller to allow in-game movement up to six degrees of freedom. Perfect for flight and scrolling-type games.

Use one or more of your joysticks, throttle or pedals and tweak the curves to suit your tastes. You can even apply a curve to the throttle.

Just Tap It
Use up to three iOS and Android devices simultaneously to send commands to your game with our free ControlMyJoystick Remote App.

Prolific Profiles
Create one or more profiles per game. Then add macros, triggers and scripts to the profile. Change profiles easily without have to restart the game or ControlMyJoystick.

Add macros to profiles for each command such as ‘Gear Up’ or ‘Show Map’. You can have as many as you like.

Terrific Triggers
Use your voice, joystick, smartphone/tablet app or 3Dconnexion controller as a trigger to run a macro and it’s corresponding script. You can even embed scripts within scripts.

Super Scripting
Create scripts to send commands to the game, switch axis curves, control external devices and other cool things. It’s point and click, so no programming knowledge is necessary.

Share The Fun
Easily import and export your game profiles so that you can share them with other gamers.

Wonderful WASD
Use a 3Dconnexion controller or joystick to emulate a digital joystick for scroll-around-the-map kind of games.

Hack It
If you are handy with code, you can create your own trigger sources and send notification events when a macro is run. We included UDP sender and receiver test apps so can see how it works.

Curve It
Easily create joystick and 3Dconnexion controller axis response curves, trim and dead-zones then switch between different curves by any trigger. Think separate curves for ‘cruising’ and ‘landing’.

Multi-threaded Mayhem
Each macro runs on it’s own thread, so you can run more than one macro simultaneously.

Windowed Wonderful…ness
If you are running a game in a window, you can set it as a profile target so that each macro sends command to the game, and not your web browser, etc.

Driver Delight
Joystick emulation uses our own Tetherscript Virtual Keyboard, Joystick and Mouse drivers, which are legit, digitally signed and secure.

It’s Pretty
Customize ControlMyJoystick’s look and feel by choosing from over 100 themes and adjustable font sizes.

System Requirements
– 64 bit version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
– An optional microphone suitable for gaming
– An optional 3DConnexion controller
– An optional Joystick
– An optional Smartphone or Tablet
– 50 MB hard drive space

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