CyberLink YouCam 3.0.1811.7429

August 15, 2010 - Software
CyberLink YouCam 3.0.1811.7429

The dual-mode user interface design makes CyberLink YouCam easy and fun to use. In the IM (Instant Messaging) mode, you can participate in a video webcam session with your friends, while applying instant effects in real-time. The instant effects let you add hats, masks, scene environments, frames, avatars, filters, distortions and emotion effects on your webcam video. This allows you to enhance the video with these fun and creative webcam effects.

When you switch from the IM mode to the Stand Alone mode, you can also apply the effects while recording your own video with your webcam. You can also take single or multiple snapshots that include beautiful frames or enhance them with the inclusion of emotion effects. You can then send the captured videos and photos as e-mail attachments to your friends and family. You can even upload captured video to YouTube®, or capture photos and videos to Facebook®, directly from within the program. Now you can be the superstar on the world’s largest video sharing web site.

To bring you superior webcam experience, CyberLink YouCam now supports high-definition resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

CyberLink YouCam also lets you expand its effects capability. You can download additional effects from the DirectorZone web site, and then import them into CyberLink YouCam. With CyberLink YouCam, your creativity is unlimited.

Engaging Video Effects

Funnier than ever, your webcam’s favorite software companion, NEW YouCam 3, is packed with cool video effects for online live chats and video recording. Endless hours of fun are in store for you.









Webcam Recording

In this day and age of ultimate self-expression, YouCam 3 is a clever way to create videos on your favorite topic—You!

Get on Facebook and YouTube in a heartbeat with YouCam's exporting options. Sharing Via Facebook, YouTube &

What’s a star without a stage? The world’s 2 biggest online stages, plus YouCam’s own community, are at your beck & call. Take full advantage of YouCam’s easy sharing options.













Live Presentations

You can share files much easier and even increase productivity with YouCam.

Touch & Hardware Support

YouCam 3 features support for HD webcams and touchDesigned for the latest touch systems, YouCam 3 features a host of support for high-definition and touch requirements:


Exciting Video Effects

Chatting online was never this fun. Now with YouCam, your friends, family and even webcam will rejoice. Share in the laughter from YouCam 3’s zany gadgets, emotion stamps, cool scene effects, new avatars, special recording themes, and limitless effects found at DirectorZone.

New facial tracking technology makes many of the new features possible. Click to learn more about YouCam’s advanced recording technology.

Brand New Effects

Role-play to a high degree with YouCam 3's new headgear gadgets

Headgear Gadgets NEW

Get your head in the game with YouCam’s new headgear gadgets. Fun comes naturally to your chats with 25 virtual accessories! You can even role-play as the wicked witch of Westwick, NYC cop, or a royal highness.

Make the scene & flaunt conventions with YouCam 3's new scene effects

Scene Effects NEW

Wishing to make the scene? With YouCam’s new scenic effects, travel the world while you chat online! From New York to Paris, metro stations to a Polaroid, your buddies will never know where you’ll end up.

Emotional Stamping & Stomping NEW

Take control over your online emotions when chatting and recording live. More than a random display of feelings, make a mark and stamp YouCam 3’s emotional effects on any part of the screen.

Video Recording Themes NEW

Record video cards for birthdays and other events. Automatically create a themed-video with YouCam to commemorate a special occasion online. Once that day arrives, email, upload to Facebook or publish on YouTube.

More Avatars and Web Effects

16 avatars to choose from for representing yourself online with YouCam 3. The funnest webcam software

Sweet 16 Avatars MORE

With 16 avatars to choose from, take on a new identity during live video chats. Go extraterrestrial, merry and jolly, war monger or fuzzy and cute. With YouCam’s facial tracking technology, express yourself and watch as your cyberspace twin does the same! Nod vigorously, shake your head side-to-side, or raise your eyebrows in delight.

NEW YouCam 3 is packed with Filter, Distortion & Frame Effects

Filter, Distortion & Frame Effects

  • Frame Effects: Just like a photo frame, these effects embellish your photos or videos. Choose a style to match your style of conversation.
  • Filter Effects: Change the tone of the conversation and your mug by using popular TV-like effects.
  • Distortion Effects: Warp online reality using YouCam’s mesmerizing range of 11 distortion effects. Better than funhouse mirrors ever were.

Thousands of YouCam webcam effects await you at DirectorZone so don't wait any longer! (Growing by the day)Thousands of effects at DirectorZone MORE

Featuring uploaded content from thousands of creative users, find lots of new emotion objects and frames for your videos daily at DirectorZone.

Webcam Recording

Imagine expressing yourself in high-definition with YouCam 3’s two different modes: Live (for online chats) and Live Recording (for videos and photos). Enhance your image quality and record in high resolution.

Record with HD Webcams

YouCam supports all the major HD webcams on the market today at 1280 x 800 resolution and above.

Facial Tracking Technology NEW



Grin like a Cheshire cat. Nod in approval. Bob your head from side-to-side. YouCam’s sophisticated facial tracking technology locates your face accurately for applying headgear gadgets, avatars and cool effects.

And when you’re ready to go live, no need for a complicated studio setup nor a grouchy cameraman. With facial tracking technology, YouCam hones in on the star of the show automatically—You! Every head movement will be recognized and tracked with auto zooming, regardless of you switching positions.

Other Recording Tools

Surveillance for your home and protection for your house! YouCam 3, the webcam software for all your needs, will automatically send out an email to notify you once motion has been detected.Home Surveillance IMPROVED

Maximize security at home with your webcam and YouCam 3’s built-in surveillance features. You may automatically activate recording when any kind of motion is detected, and YouCam will promptly notify you by email.

Make it Snappy (with your photos)

More than videos, YouCam is ready to snap away when you’re ready. Then, prominently display self-portraits on your favorite web sites, desktop wallpapers, printed documents or via email. Capture single shots or a burst sequence by setting the number of shots you want to take up to as many as 10 in a burst. You may also set the shutter speed to control the amount of light in your photos.

Sharing Via Facebook, YouTube & DirectorZone

Facebook | Exclusive NEW

Exclusively only for YouCam users, upload your videos and photos directly to FacebookOnly available in YouCam 3, directly share videos and photos with family or friends thousands of miles away on Facebook, one of the world’s fastest growing social network sites. Simply record with abandon and snap away. Upload when you’re done.

Post Widescreen Videos on YouTube NEW

Upload your videos to YouTube in a heartbeatGet ready to broadcast yourself with a new array of publishing options on YouTube, the world’s most popular videos site. You can upload videos using traditional standard/letterbox (4:3) size or using new widescreen (16:9) sizes depending on your recording device.

Showcase Your Videos on NEW

YouCam lets you upload videos to DirectorZoneWith thousands of effects available for you to download for free from, you can show how you use them by posting your videos to too. YouCam lets you automatically post to as part of the process of uploading videos to YouTube.


Live Presentations

YouCam 3 and your webcam don’t have to be just about fun, they can let you share files, deliver live presentations and even increase your productivity.

Capture your desktop in live mode and show your friends and family how its done with YouCam 3, the funnest webcam effects softwareShare Your Ideas More Clearly

Use your instant messenger software to make live presentations and share PowerPoint (PPT) files easily. While messaging online, you can communicate ideas with real-time sharing of photos, presentation files (PPT), and live PC desktop video capturing, for assisting your audience with step-by-step procedures.

Desktop Capture Mode NEW

Create easy-to-follow demos for illustrating software operation or step-by-step tutorials with YouCam’s desktop capture mode.

More Live Presentation Tools

System Requirements :

Operating system: Windows 7/Vista/XP (with DirectX 9 or above)

Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)

Minimal CPU requirement: Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or above

Hard drive space: 1 GB

VGA card: Intel 945 (Independent graphics card recommended)

Device: Webcam (built-in or external USB)

Other software: instant messaging software with video communication functions, such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger

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