GPU-Z 2.46

May 6, 2022 - Software
GPU-Z 2.46

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Main Features


  • Added support for Intel Rocket Lake Integrated Graphics
  • Added support for NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile, RTX 3050 Ti Mobile, RTX 3050 Mobile, RTX A5000, T500, CMP 30HX, CMP 40HX, CMP 90HX
  • Added support for AMD Radeon RX 6900 XTXH, Radeon Pro W5500M, Barco MXRT 4700
  • Integrated screenshot feature now captures the proper window area on Windows 10 (no longer includes the window shadow)
  • VRAM usage sensor removed on NVIDIA cards running in TCC mode, due to unsupported NVIDIA API
  • XML dump now includes fields BIOSUEFI, WHQL, DriverDate, DXR, DirectML, OpenGL and ResizableBAR
  • Added memory type detection for Intel i740
  • Fixed Resizable BAR detection on some systems (mostly laptops)
  • Fixed clock readings on AMD Mobile RDNA2
  • Fixed OpenCL detection on some rare systems
  • Fixed memory clock readings on NVIDIA GeForce 6
  • Fixed BIOS date on some legacy ATI cards
  • Fixed release date for ATI RV200 and NVIDIA NV41M

v2.46.0 (May 5th, 2022)

  • Added support for AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT, RX 6650 XT
  • Improved Intel ARC support
  • Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 (GA107), NVIDIA A30
  • Updated driver to no longer require SSE2 compatible CPU
  • Fixed 2022 AMD drivers being reported as “Crimson”
  • Fixed Resizable BAR detection on systems with AGP card
  • Fixed “email me my validation id” not sending any email
  • Added support for iGPU on Alder Lake Mobile
  • Added support for Glenfly GPU



中文版 2.46

v2.46.0 版本更新:2022年5月5日
– 添加了对 AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT、RX 6750 XT、RX 6650 XT 的支持
– 改进了对 Intel ARC 的支持
– 添加了对 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 (GA107)、NVIDIA A30 的支持
– 更新了驱动程序,不再需要 SSE2 兼容的 CPU
– 修复了 2022 AMD 驱动程序被报告为“Crimson”的问题
– 修复了在具有 AGP 显卡的系统上可调整大小 BAR 的检测
– 修复了“通过电子邮件发送我的验证 ID”时不发送任何电子邮件的问题
– 添加了在 Alder Lake Mobile 上对 iGPU 的支持
– 添加了对 Glenfly GPU 的支持



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