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Batch script(s) to automate the activation of supported Windows and Office products using local KMS server emulator, or external server.

– The script is designed not to override the permanent activation of products (Windows or Office), only non-activated products will be KMS-activated (if supported).

– The script correctly handle Windows 10 multi-editions-coexistence (since version 1607) to avoid changing current edition or override retail activation.

– The ultimate feature of this solution when installed, it will provide 24/7 activation, whenever the system itself request it (renewal, reactivation, hardware change, Edition upgrade, new Office…), without needing interaction from user.

– Some security programs will report infected files due KMS emulating, this is false-positive, as long as you download the file from this trusted Home Page.

Therefore, temporary suspend Antivirus realtime protection, or exclude the downloaded file and extracted folder from scanning to avoid quarantine.

If you are installing Auto Renewal setup then you also need to exclude this file:


Supported Products


Windows 10/11:
Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC/LTSB, Enterprise G, Enterprise multi-session, Enterprise, Education, Pro, Pro Workstation, Pro Education, Home, Home Single Language, Home China

Windows 8.1:
Enterprise, Pro, Pro with Media Center, Core, Core Single Language, Core China, Pro for Students, Bing, Bing Single Language, Bing China, Embedded Industry Enterprise/Pro/Automotive

Windows 8:
Enterprise, Pro, Pro with Media Center, Core, Core Single Language, Core China, Embedded Industry Enterprise/Pro

Windows 10/11 on ARM64 is supported. Windows 8/8.1/10/11 N editions variants are also supported (e.g. Pro N)

Windows 7:
Enterprise /N/E, Professional /N/E, Embedded POSReady/ThinPC

Windows Server 2022/2019/2016:
LTSC editions (Standard, Datacenter, Essentials, Cloud Storage, Azure Core, Server ARM64), SAC editions (Standard ACor, Datacenter ACor, Azure Datacenter)

Windows Server 2012 R2:
Standard, Datacenter, Essentials, Cloud Storage

Windows Server 2012:
Standard, Datacenter, MultiPoint Standard, MultiPoint Premium

Windows Server 2008 R2:
Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise, MultiPoint, Web, HPC Cluster

Office Volume 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 2021


These editions are only KMS-activatable for 45 days at max:

Windows 10/11 Home edition variants
Windows 8.1 Core edition variants, Pro with Media Center, Pro Student

These editions are only KMS-activatable for 30 days at max:

Windows 8 Core edition variants, Pro with Media Center


supported Windows products do not need volume conversion, only the GVLK (KMS key) is needed, which the script will install accordingly.
KMS activation on Windows 7 has a limitation related to OEM Activation 2.0 and Windows marker.


Added workaround for extracting embedded binaries (SppExtComObjHook.dll, cleanospp.exe) to avoid failure if the user profile name (%temp% path) contain special characters (thanks to @BAU for the fix)

thanks to @Windows_Addict for suggestions and testing

AIO vs. Traditional

The KMS_VL_ALL_AIO fork has these differences and extra features compared to the traditional KMS_VL_ALL:

  • Portable all-in-one script, easier to move and distribute alone.
  • All options and configurations are accessed via easy-to-use menu.
  • Combine all the functions of the traditional scripts (Activate, AutoRenewal-Setup, Check-Activation-Status, setupcomplete).
  • Required binary files are embedded in the script (including ReadMeAIO.html itself), using ascii encoder by @BAU [AveYo].
  • The needed files get extracted (decoded) later on-demand, via Windows PowerShell.
  • Simple text colorization for some menu options (for easier differentiation).
  • Auto administrator elevation request.


– The default local KMS_IP is changed back to
– Check if WinMgmt service is disabled at the beginning
– Enhance detection for WMI/SPP errors
– Show specific error messages (if possible) when Office C2R-R2V conversion fail
– Add Windows 11 IoTEnterpriseS GVLK

additionally for KMS_VL_ALL_AIO:
– Add a check for Windows PowerShell responding and Language Mode (issue #27)
– Add a menu option to decode (extract) the embedded binary files
also, added a brief comments summary where the :embdbin: code block

More Info
Credited to abbodi1406


AIO standalone script:

Date: 2022-05-29 File: KMS_VL_ALL_AIO-47.7z

SHA-1: 336d831c3c2adfe28c196bc011e89b2aaa224c30 SHA-256: 14169af9f110f93d444f63ae3d1c947ab588a09762f9249a10eaec91e0d4cee4

7z file password: 2022

Mirror 1

Mirror 3

Traditional pack:

Date: 2022-05-29 File: KMS_VL_ALL-47.7z

SHA-1: db6eebbdcd1f9e87b70868523f9224e5510a8153 SHA-256: 1740a4c65642f17d7c95c58ebadc4ff77bed354eb1dc1194488afa41760265fc

7z file password: 2022

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3



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Traditional pack: Unable to download


Tested fine here… how come…


Dobrý den, můžu poprosit o heslo? Děkuji Mirek


what do i do after i download it?


I want to try out windows 10 but which KMS should I use? This release or “KMS-VL-ALL-7.2 RC5”? I will be using the version downloaded from here: Thank you for all your great work


    download enterprise version and use any kms… i suggest ltsc 2021. Get an ssd or nvme if you don’t have it.


Sorry Sybermania,
The explanation cannot be understood by non-IT people.
Don’t get what makes it different.
Also the translation into my mother tongue from the crazy English what everyone thinks who sets something like this everyone understands..
So not even a youtube to see what makes it better.
So I downloaded it but deleted it again…
I have no idea what makes this better than conventional KMS
Also no exe to find to start it… just a cmd
well thanks for nothing….


    Open the cmd file and type 1 is not that hard

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