Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015/2016

February 3, 2017 - Software
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015/2016

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB with or without N version is a lite version of the release windows 10. It comes without a lot of new windows 10 feature such as Cortana, EDGE, all Metro apps, a lot of bloatware that slow down our pc experiance.


Before using Windows 7. I love and crazy for Windows XP but force to use win 7 cause by the AMD bulldozer that screw me last time with a lot of error with app in windows xp. So i move to windows 7 32bit and use for a while. Upgrade ram 8GB when it was totally free upgrade when ram was cheap. Use windows 7 64 bit recommended by Bryan bro that tells me 64bit is totally stable and usable.

Windows 7 64bit runs all latest games that require 64bit windows too. So who still use 32 bit is wrong for 2015 now. Totally wrong.

For old school windows users like me. I stick to Win 7 64bit for years and years now cause i like the way windows 7  and winxp alike with updated directx and security. But windows 8 is totally a failure for me such as the windows vista. I just hate it. Windows 8 is not even an OS! It was a for Tablet not the fucking PC!

Try the Win10 Enterprise before and it slow down my pc alot. I dunno how about the other users cause i am still using the 2TB HDD without SSD. Maybe SSD will works super but not me. I was thinking moving back to Windows 7 already and wait wait wait…. Metro computing will be the future for sure but not now. 🙂

Only move to metro style when the damn SSD is bigger and cheaper… It was fucking expensive for this 2 3 years cannot even price drop.. Fuck those manufacture!

After checking out the Enterprise LTSB i totally gonna use it for 2015 now! It was my Windows 7 upgrade for sure. The LTSB with N version comes without Media Player. Maybe those who don’t like to watch for movie or listening song will use it. It was not meant to home users for sure unless they hate Media Player! LOL

This all is my own writing maybe wrong grammar what ever i don’t care. I was a Chinese who live and born in Boleh LAND!

if photo viewer missing use this tweak

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type

; Change Extension's File Type







ENGLISH 2016 LTSB (3.96 GB)


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015

64-bit version

Mirror 1 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x64_dvd_6848446.iso

Mirror 2 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x64_dvd_6848446.iso

Mirror 3: en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x64_dvd_6848446.iso

Filesize: 3.43 GB

SHA1: 264d48c902e6b586a1ed965062f7da4d4da99b35

MD5: da938d65c548738900810181a78203f8

32-bit version

Mirror 1 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x86_dvd_6848454.iso

Mirror 2 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x86_dvd_6848454.iso

Mirror 3: en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x86_dvd_6848454.iso

Filesize: 2.52 GB

SHA1: abe400ad86c604197a3b163e31afcc1b7c53325e

MD5: 9a336453d2c8377b1c3f240ff9441d43


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016

64-bit version

Mirror 1 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso

Mirror 2 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso

Mirror 3: en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso

Filesize: 3.33 GB

SHA1: 031ed6acdc47b8f582c781b039f501d83997a1cf

MD5: e39ea2af41b3710682fe3bbdac35ec9a

32-bit version

Mirror 1 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x86_dvd_9060010.iso

Mirror 2 (IR): en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x86_dvd_9060010.iso

Mirror 3: en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x86_dvd_9060010.iso

Filesize: 2.45 GB

SHA1: 45e72d02ff17125c699558719eb946d8e140c9cc

MD5: 6ffb9b81fde69ea4b5a2764f93d8b245



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