Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.0.0

February 23, 2021 - Software
Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.0.0

Video Enhance AI is the perfect way to take good footage and make it great. Have you ever wanted your footage to look sharper with more detail? Take HD footage all the way up to 8K for use in high-quality projects. This model is perfect to use for:

DVD Content  DSLR Footage  Game Footage  HD Stock Footage  Restoring Low-quality Footage


Enhancing Footage up to 8K

Video Enhance AI is the perfect way to take good footage and make it great. Have you ever wanted your footage to look sharper with more detail? Take HD footage all the way up to 8K for use in high-quality projects. This model is perfect to use for:

  • DVD Content
  • DSLR Footage
  • Game Footage
  • HD Stock Footage

Restoring Low-quality Footage

With Video Enhance AI, you can take your footage from SD to HD with an incredible increase in quality. This model is perfect for older footage that you want to repurpose for modern use. Older footage like:

  • Home Movies
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Movie Content
  • Youtube Videos


Until now, no deep-learning based approach existed for video enlargement as a commercial product. Video Enhance AI is the only product that uses machine learning to extrapolate detail from your footage for a realistic look. The quality of output from Video Enhance AI is simply better than any other product available.


Video Enhance AI was trained using a neural network that analyzes thousands of video pairs to learn how details usually get lost. Unlike Gigapixel AI for photos, Video Enhance AI is able to extrapolate more detail for an even more realistic look given the amount of information available in a single video clip.

Easy to Use

With just a few clicks of a button, your video footage will start rendering to create beautiful high-resolution quality footage. There are no complicated processes or confusing tools – just a few simple steps and your footage is ready to go.

We suggest you run Video Enhance AI on high-end Nvidia graphic cards. The minimum requirement is GTX 1050 with 4 GB VRAM. Any graphic card later/better than GTX 1080 (included) will do a fairly fast job.

If you do not have an Nvidia graphics card in your device, the software can run on your Intel iGPU. Typically, it will be 5 times slower. If you do not have an Intel iGPU, the software will finally fall back to your CPU, which can be 10 times slower than the Nvidia GPU version.

Topaz Video Enhance AI 1.9.0

This release brings to you the ability to directly enhance the INTERLACED video. The new “Dione” series models denoises, sharpens and doubles framerate of INTERLACED videos in one-pass.

  1. “Dione-DV” is trained mainly to deal with high quality interlaced digital source such as DV, DVCPRO, DVCAM, etc.
  2. “Dione-TV” is designed to handle analog TV/VHS/8mm sources.
  3. “Dione-TD” is developed to be more robust for the mixed frame type in DVDs.

This release also updates Artemis-HQ/MQ[/LQ to v10. They are improved upon v9 and should produce output with better denoising, less residual color flicker, and fewer artifacts.


  1. New Dione-DV/TV/TD v1 models for de-interlacing/enhancing/upscaling analog videos
  2. Update Artemis HQ/LQ/MQ to v10
  3. Add adaptive grain parameters to reduce “plastic” looking output.
  4. Support reading .dv, .vob and .mxf video files.
  5. Change the “scale” to a real number for setting precise output dimensions.
  6. Improved processing speed on certain systems.
  7. The installer has an option to keep existing models

Bug fixes:

  1. All GPU mode no longer causes model loading error.
  2. Fixed model parameters change inconsistent problem.
Remark: Simply type fake email and pass when it ask for it.

– Install program. Don’t launch!!

– Replace patched file.

– Block using a firewall or go offline.

– Click OK button on log in window or use any email/key and log in to process the output.

– Tested several video outputs without problems.

Remark: Installer too large to host…. download fom topaz and replace the exe will do.

(Installer) x64

Installer 1.8.0 From Topaz

Installer 1.8.1 From Topaz

Installer 1.8.2 From Topaz

Installer 1.9.0 From Topaz

Installer 2.0.0 From Topaz



(Cracked exe) x64

2.0.0 Cracked Exe

1.9.0 Cracked Exe

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virus inside crack


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If you follow the instructions it actually works


Works, although recently mine stopped. Just says starting engine.. wondering if due to nvidia update. Do you know if theres been a update on this?

Thanks for the amazing work 😀


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Any chance of getting command line tool to work? Asking me to log in every time.


just put fake login….. read the guide


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The instructions are too vague. I get an error when opening the crack exe file. Saying opencv was not found. How do I fix this?


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They just released version 1.9 any eta on your release?

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    their site down.. added a mirror


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