Anti spy detector & firewall [Premium] [Mod Extra] (Android)

June 20, 2024 - Android
Anti spy detector & firewall [Premium] [Mod Extra] (Android)

Don’t let anyone hack and watch you anymore.

If you always feel like someone is watching you and someone is spying on you, if you have some private moments and you want to disable your device camera, microphone, location or internet connection and protect yourself, this is a perfect mobile security app for you.

Firewall without ROOT
Malwares mostly try to steal your personal data using internet to upload them on private server. If you have a secure connection even if you install any malware or spyware, they can’t steal your data.

With a powerful built in firewall in this app, you can monitor every outgoing connection every app makes. If you don’t trust that app, you can block it from accessing internet using firewall to prevent tracking and analytics. Every IP or outgoing domain will be saved and you can see them, Firewall will show you address and organization and information about that IP and if you feel suspicious you can block that domain so that app can’t access it anymore. Also, you can get notification every time your selected apps try to make a connection. All this is possible with firewall to block unwanted and strange internet connections. This firewall doesn’t need ROOT access.

Camera blocker, Microphone blocker and fake location
You can block camera, block microphone, block location, block apps internet connection and block screen capture and no other malware can spy on you anymore!

Or even when hackers try to use your camera or microphone, you can get notice by notification. Just like that tiny light next to your laptop camera.

You can create a fake location so no other app can spy and detect your location.

Anti screenshot
Also, with screenshot blocker you can protect your screen content and prevent screen capture so other spy apps can’t take screenshot or record your screen content. this is very useful when sensitive content is showing on your screen like your credit card and payment information or your personal information.

“RAT” “Remote access trojan” is some type of programs that you install for doing something but they are trojans and they will spy on you remotely.

This apps main goal is to protect you against “RAT” “Remote access trojans” and stop them.

Protect yourself against spyware, malware and trojans now. “Anti spy” will help you to detect when an app is trying to spy on you and take your picture or record your voice secretly.

Features of “Anti spy”
+ Safe internet access with firewall without ROOT.
+ Block Wi-Fi or mobile internet access of suspicious apps.
+ See a list full of every outgoing internet traffic from your device.
+ Block suspicious and unwanted domains.
+ See suspicious IP and domains information like organization name and address on map.
+ Get alert when suspicious app tries to make connection with web server.
+ You can set a safe proxy server for sending your internet traffic to it.
+ You can block your camera.
+ You can block your microphone.
+ This app will alert you, when camera is being used.
+ This app will alert you, when microphone is being used.
+ Create fake location.
+ You can block apps access to screenshot or screen recording.
+ See all camera events to find out at what time it was being used.
+ See all microphone events to find out at what time it was being used.
+ You can add your safe apps to your whitelist for allowing them using your camera, microphone, location and taking a screenshot.
+ Home screen widgets for fast and easy use.

“This app uses Android VPNService for firewall. Your traffic is not being sent to a remote server and stays on your device.”

What’s New:
Bugs fixed.

Mod Info:

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