Charger Alert (Battery Health) 2.2 [Pro] [Mod Extra] (Android)

September 23, 2023 - Android
Charger Alert (Battery Health) 2.2 [Pro] [Mod Extra] (Android)

Do you want to protect your Android device & battery health?

Then use Charger Alert™ – the battery saver app that helps extend your battery life and prolong your battery health by alerting you when the battery percentage is too low, the temperature is too hot and overheating, or your device has finished charging so you can unplug it.

Charger Alert can also warn you with an alarm if somebody unplugs your mobile phone or device from the battery charger, or if there is a power outage while it is connected and charging.

You can use Charger Alert to always show the battery percentage remaining and charging status as a notification in the status bar, on your lock screen, and as a home screen battery widget.

Protect your Android device and battery health with Charger Alert™.

WITH NO ADS! This app does not contain any Ads, only a one-time purchase if you wish to upgrade to the Pro version for extra features and to support new features and ongoing improvements.

☑ Displays your battery information:
☑ Battery status, e.g. charging or discharging.
☑ Battery percentage level in a circular indicator.
☑ Battery charger if plugged in e.g. USB, AC, Wireless.
☑ Battery temperature in either Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).
☑ Battery voltage measured in volts.
☑ Battery health check.
☑ Battery type (e.g. Lithium Li-ion) and manufactured mAh capacity.
☑ Ongoing notification in the status bar with your battery information.
☑ Alert when you successfully plug your device in to charger.
☑ Alert you if your device is unplugged from the charger when locked.
☑ Alert you if your battery has finished charging.
☑ Alert you if your battery is running low (choose low level in Settings).
☑ Alert you if your battery is running hot (choose temperature in Settings). [Pro version]
☑ Settings to customize the app to your preference. [Pro version]

What’s New:
* Upgraded compatibility with Android 12, 13 and 14 devices.
* Requires the device to be unlocked before the unplugged alert can be disabled.
* Added quick access to the system battery information from the app menu.
* Improved detection of incorrect battery capacities.
* Improved battery widget layout.
* Other minor fixes and improvements.

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