April 8, 2021 - Android

For an easy to use compass it’s hard to beat Digital Smart Compass which combines a lot of features in an easy to use format

You need something that is ultimately very simple but very very powerful.

This is where the Digital Smart Compass comes in. It gets rid of all the junk and serves as a good compass that is light on battery use to preserve battery power.

The Digital Field Compass has a manual declination setting and can tell if you are having magnetic interference. This is about the best digital orienteering compass out there but it doesn’t stop at land navigation.

There is a coordinate converter to switch between any of the common coordinate systems including Lat/Long UTM and MGRS so it can work with any physical map. You can share your files to your computer or other digital devices.

Built in "GPS info". Utility showing information about GPS GLONASS and BeiDou satellites using the sensors of your device. We have built in GPS Info the ability to view satellites in the sky using augmented reality. Accurate information about GPS satellites GLONASS GALILEO and BayDou will allow you to evaluate the health of the location sensor as well as warm it up for faster access.
Based on satellite data the application contains information about your location altitude. You can easily track your speed even without access to the Internet.
If you have access to the Internet you can easily navigate the built-in map.
Digital Field Compass also includes full sensor information: Magnetic field sensor Acceleration Sensor Gyroscope sensor Rotation vector Orientation sensor etc.

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Release by Lunadev

What’s New:
a few bugs have been fixed

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