Heart Rate BPM Monitor 1.0 (Android)

May 25, 2015 - Android
Heart Rate BPM Monitor 1.0 (Android)

Simple and beautiful heart rate monitor to aid in pulse measurement and fitness goals.

– Leverages your iOS devices camera to detect fingertip coloration changes as blood flows in and out
– See your heartbeat on screen just like you would on a true cardiograph machine
– Tracks and tags each measurement for easy analyzation
– View which cardio zone you’re in: Resting, Warm Up, Fat Burn, Cardio, Extreme Cardio, or Max Heart Rate

NOTE: Works best with devices that have a flash. Non-flash devices can be used in good lighting. Remember to only gently place fingertip on camera as pressing hard restricts blood flow.

(PRO version)

HeartRate BPM HeartRate BPM.apk
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