Programming Hero: Coding Fun 1.4.77 [Pro] [Mod Extra] (Android)

March 29, 2024 - Android
Programming Hero: Coding Fun 1.4.77 [Pro] [Mod Extra] (Android)

Here, Programming Just Got Fun! ????

Build a GAME while learning to code ????:
???????? Quick Action: Apply programming concepts immediately after learning
???????? Brag Right: Publish your code and show off your work
???????? Practice Anywhere: Practice coding (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
???????? Instant Help: Get your questions answered instantly
???????? Smart Learning: Jump into advanced Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP, Database

You’ll MASTER ????:
???????? 100+ coding problems, solutions & explanations
???????? Data Structures: Stack, Queue, Linked list, Dictionary, Tree, Graph
???? Algorithms: Binary search, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Time complexity
???? OOP: Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, etc.
???????? Game Development: Game development basics, pygame, build a game from scratch
???????? Database: SQL, Database, SQLite, Relational database
???????? Web Development: HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Learn CODING In A Fun Way????????
We believe coding should be fun, interactive and enjoyable.
So, we used fun teen conversations along with game-like challenges to teach programming concepts enjoyably.

Our fun visuals and real-world examples will help you to retain the programming concepts 10 times longer. We’ve prepared a bunch of different programming courses forming a programming hub, where you can master any language you want.
Gain SUPERPOWERS ????????
Surprise points, gifts, superpower badges, & coding games will make your learning very enjoyable. You won’t just learn here, you’ll play games and learn. Our mission is to provide teens, adults and coding for kids with fun.

Fun QUIZZES ????
Our quizzes are fun. Like 3-seconds burger game, 45-seconds ice-cream game, 5-second pizza game. The’re mind blowing and guarantees boosting up of your knowledge instantly.

WEB Development ????️
We’ve the best web development course for beginners. You can learn and practice Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript in the app itself.

APP Development ????
We updated the app with your most-wanted app development course. Learn Java, Kotlin, & Android and develop your own Tinder app. Download now to get started…

OFFLINE Code Playground ⚽
In our web development (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript) code playground, you can build any project using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vue.js) and Bootstrap. After finishing, you’ll be able to publish the app using GitHub and share your live site with anyone.

We have a code playground to practice Python & Java too so that you can keep practicing and keep improving. ???? WINNER ????
Programming Hero is the selected coding game-based learning app for #1 programming promoting organization, We’re included in the Hour of Code.

In November 2019, Programming Hero won the best Tech Code Startup Competition in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

????️ Space shooting game to explain Basic Programming
????️ Basketball game to explain Data Structure
????️ Get help from thousands of learners in the Forum
????️ Write concepts in your own words and share it with others
????️ Mark any content for future revision (bookmark)
????️ Interactive coding challenges and coding games
????️ Win daily reward for daily learning habit
????️ Volunteer opportunity to get real-world experience
????️ And a lot more…

Learn solo or together, your choice. We have everything for you
Enjoy this app, learn to program, and get closer to your dream.

Latest FEATURES ????
We deployed a few highly trained coffee-sucking developers and content creators to add more fun content for you.
⏳Web Development (Advanced JavaScript, Bootstrap & React, Django)
⏳Machine Learning and data structure

Along with that, soon we’ll support other languages like C, C++.

So, join our Programming Hero community today. Download the app to get started now…

Your review, feedback & improvement ideas encourage us to work harder for more content. Please send those to [email protected]

With ❤️ Love, from Team Programming Hero!

What’s New:
???? Exciting News, Heroes!
???? Introducing Prompt Eng. Course
???? Forum Notifications Fix
⏰ Removed Time Restrictions
✏️ Forum Post & Comment Edit
???? Bug Fix

Happy Coding Heroes! ????????✨

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