RVX Youtube 19.20.34 [Non Root] [4.8.6] (Android)

May 31, 2024 - Android
RVX Youtube 19.20.34 [Non Root] [4.8.6] (Android)

YouTube ReVanced Extended is a Project Based on YouTube ReVanced.

What’s new:
– Feat(YouTube): clarify in-app strings and patch names
– Feat(YouTube/Spoof client): add Show in Stats for nerds settings
– Feat(YouTube/Spoof client): selectively spoof client for general video / livestreams / Shorts / unplayable video
– Fix(YouTube/Settings): some settings cannot be changed
– Fix(YouTube/Settings): CairoSettings is applied due to A/B testing
– Fix(YouTube/Spoof client): player gestures not working when spoofing with Android VR client
– Feat(YouTube/Translations): update translation

How to Install:
● First Install microG Services (GmsCore).
● Then Install RVX Youtube.
● Open RVX Youtube.

Patch Info:
● Applied Alternative thumbnails
● Applied Ambient mode control
● Applied Change player flyout menu toggles
● Applied Change shorts repeat state
● Applied Change start page
● Applied Custom branding icon YouTube
● Applied Custom branding name YouTube
● Applied Custom double tap length
● Applied Custom package name
● Applied Description components
● Applied Disable QUIC protocol
● Applied Disable auto audio tracks
● Applied Disable auto captions
● Applied Disable haptic feedback
● Applied Disable resuming shorts on startup
● Applied Disable splash animation
● Applied Enable debug logging
● Applied Enable external browser
● Applied Enable gradient loading screen
● Applied Enable minimized playback
● Applied Enable open links directly
● Applied Enable tablet mini player
● Applied Force hide player buttons background
● Applied Fullscreen components
● Applied GmsCore support
● Applied Hide action buttons
● Applied Hide ads
● Applied Hide animated button background
● Applied Hide comments component
● Applied Hide double tap overlay filter
● Applied Hide double tap to like animations
● Applied Hide feed components
● Applied Hide feed flyout menu
● Applied Hide layout components
● Applied Hide player buttons
● Applied Hide player flyout menu
● Applied Hide shorts dimming
● Applied Layout switch
● Applied MaterialYou
● Applied Navigation bar components
● Applied Overlay buttons
● Applied Player components
● Applied Remove viewer discretion dialog
● Applied Return YouTube Dislike
● Applied Sanitize sharing links
● Applied Seekbar components
● Applied Settings
● Applied Shorts components
● Applied Shorts outline button
● Applied SponsorBlock
● Applied Spoof app version
● Applied Spoof client
● Applied Swipe controls
● Applied Theme
● Applied Toolbar components
● Applied Translations
● Applied Video playback

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microG Services (GmsCore) v0.



microG Services (GmsCore) (Huawei, Xiaomi Device) v0.


7 thoughts on “RVX Youtube 19.20.34 [Non Root] [4.8.6] (Android)


can i found version for rooted device of this app


This version not working says update to new YouTube version app 19.12.36 plz update


updated, and it is working nice


It plays about 10-30 sec and then starts to buffer(tried multiple phones with different versions)… Why is that?


The video playback freezes after a while. The same thing happens to all revanced, vanced, etc. apps.


    Same thing here

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