Youtube ReVanced Extended Music 6.33.52 [Non Root] [2.220.6] (Android)

February 16, 2024 - Android
Youtube ReVanced Extended Music 6.33.52 [Non Root] [2.220.6] (Android)

YouTube Music ReVanced is a patched version of YouTube Music app with adfree music, background play capability and more.

What’s new:
– Feat(Hide new playlist button): Apply fingerprint compatible with the wider version

How to Install:
● First Install MMicroG.
● Then Install Youtube ReVanced Extended Music.
● Open YouTube ReVanced Extended.
● Log In To Your Account.

Patch Info:
● Applied Amoled
● Applied Background play
● Applied Bitrate default value
● Applied Certificate spoof
● Applied Custom branding Music name
● Applied Custom branding icon Revancify red
● Applied Custom package name
● Applied Custom playback speed
● Applied Disable auto captions
● Applied Enable black navigation bar
● Applied Enable color match player
● Applied Enable compact dialog
● Applied Enable custom filter
● Applied Enable debug logging
● Applied Enable force minimized player
● Applied Enable landscape mode
● Applied Enable minimized playback
● Applied Enable new layout
● Applied Enable old style library shelf
● Applied Enable old style miniplayer
● Applied Enable opus codec
● Applied Enable playback speed
● Applied Enable sleep timer
● Applied Enable zen mode
● Applied Exclusive audio playback
● Applied Hide account menu
● Applied Hide action bar label
● Applied Hide button shelf
● Applied Hide carousel shelf
● Applied Hide cast button
● Applied Hide category bar
● Applied Hide channel guidelines
● Applied Hide emoji picker
● Applied Hide flyout panel
● Applied Hide get premium
● Applied Hide handle
● Applied Hide music ads
● Applied Hide navigation bar component
● Applied Hide new playlist button
● Applied Hide playlist card
● Applied Hide radio button
● Applied Hide taste builder
● Applied Hide terms container
● Applied Hide tooltip content
● Applied Hook download button
● Applied MicroG support
● Applied Remember playback speed
● Applied Remember repeat state
● Applied Remember shuffle state
● Applied Remember video quality
● Applied Replace cast button
● Applied Replace dismiss queue
● Applied Return YouTube Dislike
● Applied SponsorBlock
● Applied Spoof app version
● Applied Start page
● Applied Translations
● Applied Settings

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Vanced+ microG v0.3.0.235054

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