AWicons Pro 11.1

October 25, 2023 - Software
AWicons Pro 11.1

AWicons Pro offers professional graphics editing tools in conjunction with ready-to-use effects and small graphics optimization feature. The software story that started with rather simple icons editor comes up to a culmination as version 11 hits the graphics editing applications market.

The latest Pro version offers advanced graphics processing mechanisms rarely found even in leading photo editing applications – everything from high-detail true color alpha-blended icons support to advanced drawing modifiers, such as anti-aliasing, multi-color gradient and transparency is included!

Thanks to user-friendly totally interactive interface, online documentation, multiple tutorials and sample icon libraries included in the software package AWicons is easy to learn and use even for someone who have never tried creating graphics before. No need to say professional computer artists and UI designers will find every possible image editing tool available in AWicons.

• Multilingual interface
• Full Windows 7/10/11 and later icon support
• Loading icons/cursors (ico, cur, ani)
• Loading images in many formats (png, gif, bmp, jpg)
• Saving images in many formats (png, gif, bmp, jpg)
• Editing icons in executables
• Working with icons library (icl)
• All color formats supported (mono, 16, 256, true-color, true-color with alpha)
• Scan drives for icons, cursors and graphics
• Many drawing tools (pen, line, ellipse, polygon, text, colors replace and etc.)
• Many drawing modifiers (anti-aliasing, multi-color gradient, transparency and etc.)
• Standard effects (Contrast, Brightness, Blur, Rotate, Flip and etc.)
• Import from large image (png, gif, jpg, bmp) with filters
• Import from bitmaps resources from executables (exe, dll and etc.)
• Additionals effects (Shadow, Hue, Saturation, 3D Shadow, Colorize, Sharpen and etc.)
• Additionals artistics effects (Aqua, Smart blur, Posterize)
• All sizes up to 32×32 supported
• All sizes up to 256×256 supported
• Plug-in that allow to export image with transparency directly from Adobe Photoshop into AWicons
• Editing pictures containing image list, which use for creating various controls (toolbars, trees, tabs etc.)
• Simple, pretty and customizable interface

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